Legitimacy as a commodity

Just recently I was reading a Reddit post titled “Anderson Cooper is a bad ass” posted by Reddit power user GallowBoob. It shows Cooper saving a black kid from mortal trouble. The post is locked and no one can comment. All comments are praising Mr. Cooper.

This comes right after CNN and major media outlets lost legitimacy.

All good forms of propaganda begin by earning legitimacy by reporting great analysis and accurate truths. They later spend such legitimacy by lying and manipulating the public during opportune moments.

Another strategy commonly used is to hijack existing sources of legitimacy and popularity for propaganda. e.g. Wikipedia started off as a legitimate source, and now is a Ministry of Truth. Politifact and snopes.com are similar forms of earlier legitimacy used for propaganda.

Of course, when more propaganda is needed than what can be created by hijacking or creating sources of legitimacy, we run into a form widespread distrust in media. People stop listening, and society loses a means of introspection and self-regulation provided by the media. Civilized society may not exist far beyond that.

Gray Rock Method

Gray Rock method is used to keep people from the dark triad away. It works by being boring enough to make the predator lose interest. It is a form of camouflage.

Selective gray rock method employs the use of decoys i.e. fake emotional responses for the predator to go after.

The use of camouflages and decoys are useful in any predator-prey scenario.

For instance, to avoid being the target of the government, being boring is the way to go. But if you are already a target of the government creating decoys i.e. fake targets for your predator is the way to go.

Boredom is just one form of camouflage. Some of the others are obscurity, technicality, and esotericism. Predators and parasites rarely develop the ability to navigate through the obscure, technical or the esoteric. So being high-minded, but silent/not-interesting has its advantages. Care must be taken not to invoke envy and not to appear more competent than others.

Kunala Jataka

If poor or sick or old, a sot, or reckless thought,
If dull or by his cares of business overwrought,
Or disobliging found—such lord a wife esteems as nought.

A manly vigour he may show, from worldly taint be free,
Her maiden wooer may perhaps winsome and loving be,
In times of trouble and distress leave him she will and must,
I for my part in womankind can never put my trust.

Bullshit Jobs will be used to justify UBI

Bullshit jobs are outrageous, meaningless employment concentrated in professional, managerial, clerical, sales, and service workers. Here are some of the bullshit job titles generated by a random generator:

  • Global Program Producer
  • Tertiary Benchmarking Supervisor
  • Network Security Strategist

As productivity becomes more and more outsourced or automated in the first world, the right to another’s labor/ingenuity (a.k.a wealth) cannot be allocated to the most productive/ingenious. Instead, wealth is allocated to those who can command/coax the labor/ingenuity to others.

Such people do “bullshit jobs” because the economy can do fine without them.

At the helm of bullshit job doers lie the money supply adjusters and  people with access to their preferential low-interest money supply. They grant the right to spent by taking care that such excessive spending does not cause hyperinflation.

They hold the power to grant the right to spend which is used up mostly on the top and it is shared through networks of patronage.

Since first worlds don’t have to be productive to stay alive, and simply live on money supply, pretty soon that will be used to justify universal basic income.

They will tell themselves: why not just pay ourselves a fee for existing. It will set a start for a path to human domestication in the first world.

On the nature of groups and leaders

People form groups to be shielded from the vagaries of external reality. The function of the leader is to manage the perception of external reality so that people desire to be in the group.

This why leaders deceive, and act without self-doubt. A leader cannot pursue the truth. In fact, it is easier if the leader is inclined to be comfortable with deception and narcissistic self-certitude.

Narrative Embedding

There are two types of descriptions of reality. The first is causal which involves descriptions of causes and effects. The second is statistical which involves descriptions of statistical aggregates.

I think it is possible to embed causal descriptions within statistical narratives.

For example, prime numbers have a causal description. It is about how a number is prime because of its divisibility. Prime numbers also have a statistical description which studies how prime numbers are distributed on the number line. It is as if something that looks statistical from afar is actually created by a multitude of causal narratives.

I like to think that The Second Law of Thermodynamics, has embedded within it a causal narrative. I like to think such an embedding involves poetic narratives involving us, and other intelligence making the law hold. I like to think we are part of the Second Law. We are a way for the Second Law to hold true.