Origin of consciousness in the inversion of the monologuer and the dreamer

Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind:  Amazon.co.uk: Jaynes, Julian: 9780395324400: Books

Ever noticed that your dream self doesn’t know why it does things. Now imagine a people we shall call the Yeti who are in a dream state while awake. The Yeti can’t explain why they go about doing something.

When the Yeti sleep at night and dream, it will be something like our awake self living their dreams. But unlike our dreams which are symbolic, the Yeti dreams will have an inner monologue. i.e. composed of words instead of symbols.

Imagine sleep walkers among the Yeti, who when sleep-walking act almost like us. They hear an inner monologue “telling” them something, and they do it.

Some Yetis start to permanently sleep-walk. Such perma-sleep-walkers are treated as holy men by their Yeti peers who are still in a dream state most of the time. This is much like (but opposite of) how we Humans treat people who have trance like visions as holy people who have visions.

The permanent-sleep-walker Yetis realize they are the ones that are awake, and the other Yetis are actually sleeping. The enlightened Yeti realizes that most unenlightened Yeti are doing life like non-playing-characters in a video game.

One Yeti named the Buddha tries to make everyone stop dreaming. Another Yeti named Moses comes up with a list of Ten Commandments for Yeti who have inner monologues sometimes but not always, so as to help them regret their bad choices when they do eventually have an inner monologue.

Most Yeti are still dreaming. Most Yeti hear different voices in their dreams they call Gods, which give them different courses of action. But over time separate Yetis hear voices that agree with the voices other Yetis hear, and they are able to live together, helping each other to better each other’s lives. There are many such Gods.

Some ecumenical Yetis try to unify this polytheistic pantheon, by claiming these different Gods are actually different avatars/manifestations of a few Gods.

Two thousand years pass.

Most Yetis have woken up. They have slowly realized the inner monologue is not God but their own self giving them ideas and strategies. The God they used to believe in are no where to be found.


I dreamt that an Indian church got attacked. It was a Hindu mob that attacked with iron rods to hit people. It was very bloody. I walked away before the mob reached me and someone in the mob spotted me, and tried to attack me. But I talked to him and became friends with him. He explained to me why he was doing what he was doing. There were three stories he explained to me. One was about poor people who were neglected. I was able to understand why they did what they did. Then he let me go to his house even though he was not there, and I could go alone. I went inside, took the book he gave me about his ideology, and explored his house. I felt safe. But I can’t remember beyond this part of the dream.


I guess what this dream is telling me is I should what I have always done, become friends with my enemies and really understand them, why they do what they do.

Alternatively it could mean I should migrate to China, because they are attacking India, and I am already friends with them and in their house.

Alternatively a real church is going to be or was attacked by a right-wing Hindu mob, and I should become friends with them. I am good at being friends with all sides of any argument. I have done it before.

Alternatively this is about the hatred of Indian immigrants where in this foreign land I live. I should get to know my haters and become friends with them so that I can get inside their house.

There is only The West. Everything else is evil and must be destroyed.

The Anglo-American establishment. By that I mean the cultures of all nations aligned with USA, UK, and their consensus. Also known as the West. It has died many times and resurrected or born again eventually. The West is universal and eternal. It is good for everyone, every living thing, the environment, and some say even entropy. The values of the West are self-evident and obvious. Who doesn’t want liberty and equality? If you are against the West obviously you must be against liberty and equality. The only way you can oppose the humanism of the West is if you are not human. How can you be opposed to something that is by definition good? The West are the good guys, everyone else is evil.

The West is inclusive. The West asks itself: How dare you destroy other cultures by westernising or appropriating it? The West asks this while provoking war with evil and tyrannical alternate systems of human prosperity and well being. Down with such alternate systems. Down with China! Down with Russia! Down with Turkey! Down with anything that gave human beings happiness without being the West. It is impossible! It is impossible to find another means to human well being. The Western Way is the Only Way. The West tells us “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”.

We are the West. You will be assimilated. Because We Are Cool, Democratic and shit. Resistance is Futile. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. By assimilating other races into our collective, we are bringing them closer to perfection. Hail Atlantic Consensus.

What’s the point of the economy if it doesn’t serve its population?

Wannabe communists ask this question. Given that during COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in the USA, many people lost their jobs, but somehow the “economy” is doing OK. Here is my response:

Most of the “economy” as you call it, has already been nationalized and is part of the state.

When the state says the “economy” is not doing well, what is saying is the state owned enterprise is not doing well.

The Federal Reserve is already the ~3rd largest holder of the LQD ETF which holds all the investment grade corporate bonds of USA.

The shadow economy on the other hand is the real economy. The more you participate in shadow economy the more real economy you create. Ignore the state. Hide your transactions using something like Monero.

Disengage the system

A healthy regime disrupts all collective action against it. Therefore, all unofficial collective action is with power.

Divide collective action by subjective intent: action with power; action against power— or we can just call them sides A and B

Side A keeps losing because it keeps not realising its dreams. Side B keeps losing because side A keeps beating it to a pulp. And both sides of the conflict, as is almost always true, perceive themselves as defending themselves or others.

Source: https://graymirror.substack.com/p/2-the-inaction-imperative

I read this somewhere

Dissidents under all regimes often come to grief by expecting power, their enemy, to be fair to them—or believing that some demonstration of unfairness will harm the regime’s legitimacy. Actually, successful illegitimate action confirms a regime’s legitimacy. Only the powers that be can break their own rules.

Since the power of exception is the ultimate power, observing that any agent acts unfairly, lawlessly or with impunity means observing that it holds some share of objective sovereignty—ie, it is an authentic and legitimate government agency. This does not even require it to be an official government agency.

Christianity is ancient CNN

TL;DR: Christianity was created by Romans as part of a disinformation campaign to pacify Judean “antifa” rebellions by rewriting the teachings and life stories of its founder(s) James (and his supposed brother Jesus) so as to make it pro-Roman.

Religion before mass media worked partly like CNN/FOX/MSNBC (M5M). It told us who are on the right side of history, and who we should hate/cancel.

Romans lacked national media to spread their good news. So they started installing a statue of Caesar in every temple they conquered. This was OK with the polytheists, but the only monotheists i.e. the Jews did not like another god to worship, so they revolted.

The Greeks also tried this before Romans but certain wealthy and powerful Jews (not Soros) i.e. Maccabees revolted and expelled the Greeks. But Jews liked the Greek/Western culture so they sent their kids to Greek schools etc.

When Romans tried to install Caesar as God in the Second Temple, the Jews couldn’t accept it but by then there was no Maccabees to expel the Romans. So Jews resorted to believing in various prophecies they had like the prophecy about a Messiah and the heavenly angel army (a.k.a heavenly host) that would wage war for Jews against Rome. A Jewish sect called “The Poor” (Ebionites) and their allies like Sicariis, Essenes prayed and fasted in the desert so as to invite the heavenly host among them and go to war with Rome. They did go to war against Rome and lost, which ended with the destruction of the Second Temple of the Jews in 70 A.D. This was the ancient equivalent of nuking the cube in Mecca. Jews never forgot.

Only one type of Judaism was allowed to operate in Rome after that and it is called the Rabbinic Judaism because it was most aligned with Rome.

Christianity became a compromise between polytheism of Rome, and the monotheism of Judaism, and the polytheists around the world loved it.

(Software) Industry prefers fluid intelligence. But not for the reasons you think

Sorry for the click bait title.

The following lines of thought must be read with sarcasm:

Crystallized intelligence is so last generation. Who needs wisdom and experience when there is an endless supply of novel never-seen-before problems to solve in any industry?

Nobody thinks like this.

Younger minds abundant in fluid intelligence are cheaper to hire than older minds high in crystallized intelligence. That is why interviews test for fluid intelligence; industries are trying to reduce human resource costs.

This is close enough but overly academic. It puts effect before cause.

Let us simulate fluid intelligence using crystallized intelligence gained from solving 2n competitive programming problems.

This is the Asian solution. It is an arms race between candidates trying to solve a larger number of type of problems than the interviewers can invent, and therefore developing enough crystallized intelligence to solve any fluid intelligence problem that is currently in trend in all interviews

I think the truth is there is simply too many people queuing up to be hired by well known and cool-to-brag-about brands.

There aren’t enough new problems to solve that demands us throwing away all human experience and wisdom. In fact newer problems often tend to require older solutions. That doesn’t mean I am endorsing the Asian solution of solving all types of problems so as to “crack the coding interview” given by cool employers.

The industry resolves high supply of human resources by inventing arbitrary but seemingly relevant challenges to filter out most of the developers. Most of the developers are of similar quality anyway. At the face of complexity all human minds are roughly equal probably because all optimal solution to any random complex problem is roughly of the same quality (like the No free lunch theorem). Also did I mention that no one needs a drill, people just need holes. So by being exceedingly good at drilling holes you can be only as good as another exceedingly good hole driller. May be you should make a better drill and sell it to ever increasing number of people trying to become hole drillers.

At least the software industry and to some extent biotech is held up by the large number of startups that fail. Startups never give 6 rounds of competitive programming interviews but they don’t pay as low as a burger joint. When suddenly rich people feel like they don’t want to bet their low interest money, on 1-in-10 chance for 100x gains from a startup, then we will find a large number of unemployed programmers trying to solve ever-harder-to-solve Kafkaesque puzzles at a few big tech giants that remain.