Why fight for the right to govern USA is the fight to govern the world

The USA is in a unique position in many ways. The world uses its currency as a base currency much like gold used be the base metal for all currencies. The ability to mint USD is like having the philosophers stone. It confers the federal reserve unimaginable financial powers which can only threatened by weapons and a military advantage only possessed by the government of the USA.

In recent times, The financial powers of the federal reserve had always been in the hands of a progressive deep state (see Carroll Quigley who taught Bill Clinton). But the military of the USA always answered to the civilian leadership decided during American presidential elections.

This is why the American president is such an important role to infiltrate. And to that end infiltration of the American government and also their media (internet based media) is also desirable.

Everybody who wants to change the course of the world should attempt to influence american media, politics and ultimately install their personal American president.

This is why the communists both Chinese and western, want their guy in the white house. The environmentalists want their guy in the white house. Anybody who wants make everything inside USA free, wants their guy in the white house.

(The problem I hope you can see is that democracy by design allows anyone to install their guy, and this is why the money powers of the world want democracy everywhere.)

Two world wars were afforded using fiat currency until there was only one fiat currency the USD that was left. Only USG has the weapons to influence the Federal Reserve . So the fight of the century will who can influence the Americans and install their guy as the president.

For this the fight will spill over to the internet media manipulation and the corporations involved. Local elections appointing of judges.

It will be a miracle if the American republic can survive all this.


The coming AI assisted genocide

Banning deplorables from public square creates a concentration pattern, into other services which can be infiltrated and/or censored separately. I think the next Bolshevik genocide will be assisted by AI which will have read all your emails, blogs and social media before banning you from payment systems email, LinkedIn, gig economy and starving you for thought crime. No one will even know or care what happened to you if you stopped worshipping the Big Brother.

Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.

Frank Herbert, Dune (Dune Chronicles, #1)

Physics has an heliocentric bias

Michelson-Morley experiment showed that Earth did not move through aether. This was considered as a proof that aether does not exist. May be they should have decided that after running MiMo experments on other planets.

Relativity was invented to keep the earth moving around the Sun, by restricting analysis of motion to reference frames.

Effects like Sagnar effect was explained using more talk about reference frames. GPS systems were coded with math similar to the one used to explain the Sagnar effect to hide the evidence of aether.

Red shift of all galaxies discovered by Edwin Hubble was explained away using math that looks like raisins on the surface of a cake without a center/middle. A geocentrist would say omni-directional red-shift of galaxies is because we are stationary in the middle. But we can’t allow 5 sextillion stars revolving around us at greater than light speed.

Dark matter was necessary because to explain away explanations in above explaining aways.

Differences in the temperature of cosmic microwave background radiation, seem to be aligned with the ecliptic plane and the equatorial plane of the Earth. So geocentrism is coming to bite us back again.

Neutrinos going faster than light as per GPS measurements of the distances traveled, was explained away by saying GPS is using relativity to work so it cannot be used to disprove relativity.

Gravitational waves affect the LIGO detectors but not the light that flows in them. But gravity can affect light enough not to let it escape event horizons.

Large Hadron Collider tried to look for dark matter and failed.

Seems like we are trying to hard to explain away the explaining away of geocentrism.

Stateless state. Godless religion.

The vision to de-fang the State, results in the formation of the Deep State.

The vision to create a universal religion, free of hierarchy, free from the dogma of a one true Church, resulted in the formation of a religion which doesn’t claim to be a religion a.k.a puritan progressivism.

If we abolish markets, black markets will form.

If we abolish chairs people would find something to sit on they don’t call a chair. It won’t even look like a chair.

If we abolish national borders other territories will form.

Perhaps these are fixed points of a grand function and we shouldn’t change it.

Eigen State

The West hoped to separate the Religion and State, and instead of separating it, what they invented is a type of religion which does not claim to be a Religion but is a State. It is the Progressive religion. It is preached by the media-academic complex. It retains its claim to truth, by walking in front of the Truth Train, while claiming to be its engine. The Truth Train is a system which supposedly progresses towards Truth in an incorruptible manner. It includes idealised processes like the scientific method, peer review, and hypothesis testing which is claimed to progress towards Truth even when corrupted. It did yield Truths for a while, but like any human enterprise it can be corrupted too. The media-academic complex, which claims to be its engine, is constantly tempted to drive the Truth Train instead of walking front of it. And as soon as it started driving the Train using research grants, and ostracism of dissidents, and the resulting publication bias, opportunists arrived to claim the grants using data mining bias, and non-replicable experiments. Soon the Progressive religion much like its Catholic predecessor will lose its grip on Truth because of this, and those who walk in front of it will claim to be its engine after that, until they are corrupted too.

The West hoped to dismantle the Permanent Government (e.g. Monarchy), through the use of periodic elections in which anyone is free to run for office. The threat of outsiders disrupting the Progressive religion, led to the formation of the Deep State, which is a form of Permanent Government. It aims to further the Progressive religion at any cost, without regard to majority opinion as revealed in elections if necessary.

The West hoped to fight dogma through the use of free speech, religious and ideological liberty. The threat of anti-Progressive speech spreading anti-progressive ideology led them to start selectively censoring such speech, and ideas. Free speech and religious liberty also put the West under the threat of being invaded by States masquerading as Religion (e.g. Islam). This is exactly the opposite of what the West suffers from i.e. a Religion masquerading a State a.k.a Progressivism. Strangely, Progressivism and Islam are temporary allies because both hopes to destroy the West.

The West hoped to balance the power of the State and its people through use the Gun rights. Instead it incentivised western governments to seek greater power through more destructive and autonomous weapons to threaten their citizens with.

The West hoped to end rule by decree, through the use of rule of law. But since the law can only govern the foreseeable, even the West bestows emergency powers and rule by decree when the unforeseeable happens.

The West hoped to limit the power of the State by limiting what it can do, it just led to power being concentrated in the hands of unelected corporations, and wealthy people serving the Progressive religion. These are the same people people who would have been part of the court elite in a Monarchy.

The West hoped to end hierarchy, by enforcing Equality. Instead what we got was the Weak and the Incompetent ruling the Strong and competent.

The more change the West attempts, the more of the same we get. Perhaps we need to admit we cannot abolish/weaken the State, abolish Religion, end Oppression. Perhaps we need to ways to find the right person for the Job. The Job is to balance the inevitable excesses which are part of the human nature.