Long term path to AGI

  1. Object classification: We are almost there with this. We can recognize objects in multimedia.
  2. Process classification: We need to predict motion and change from multimedia. e.g. predict where the rock rolling down a hill will be a few frames ahead in the video.
  3. Utility classification: We need to classify utility of tools that were designed/evolved for a purpose by analyzing multimedia e.g. scissors are for cutting.
  4. Intention classification: We need to classify intentions of objects which exhibit them e.g. the car is near the refrigerator because if it hungry.
  5. Self classification: We need to classify the intentions of the classifier. e.g. I am doing this because I want to.

Opiniated web frameworks

ERP projects need an opiniated web framework, which keeps people away from UI, DB and Code.

It should be something like spring webflow, but it should generate client side code (e.g. AngularJS) based on a EDSL.

The server side should be hypermedia based REST endpoints which require authentication, and authorization matrices to allow or disallow actions.

My strategy in online poker with fake money

I try to lose less and win more, that way I need only be right, less often than a flip of a coin to make money.

I like playing against consistent raisers, because that way I can raise them at the opportune moment while folding the rest of the time. So I look for tables where the average pot is high.

Folders lose a bit each hand, while the lucky rip of the consistent raisers and get confident. When I get a better hand, it would be my turn to rip of the confident.

If the table is risk averse, I just make by until a reckless guy comes along.

Complex projects fail

The more complex a project, the more likely it is to fail.

The more the people working on a project, the more likely it is to fail.

All attempts to integrate many different systems into one that does the work of all will fail.

The more untyped a language is, the more prone to error it is.

Last night’s dream

I heard piano music in last night’s dream. It was perhaps the second time I had vivid dreams, that I remember.

I can’t remember the music though. I’ve never heard it before. Or perhaps I forgot that I heard it before.