Confucius on Dark Matter, Supersymmetry and String Theory

“The hardest thing of all is to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if there is no cat.” 

― Confucius

Identity of Annie Jacobsen’s Source with a Q Clearance for the Chapter 21 of her book about Area 51

TL;DR: It is Ed Wescott. Read on for how I reached this conclusion.

In Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1299, Annie Jacobsen, an American investigative journalist, author (and 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist in history), mentions at 9:05 (Youtube timestamp) that her Source with a Q Clearance, was and I paraphrase:

A major player in the Manhattan Project. He went on and worked in the atomic energy commission. There’s a wing of a museum named after him. His accolades his awards were so extraordinary. He recently died, and gave me permission to write about him after his death.

The Source told her that the Roswell incident was Stalin sending surgically modified children in experimental Nazi hovering discs into American territory to create a War of the Worlds type panic inside USA. Stalin did it also to demonstrate that USSR was ahead of USA in aerospace technologies, although USSR did not have the Atom Bomb, while having better Black Propaganda capabilities.

The Source also confessed that US Government (i.e. DOE a.k.a Atomic Energy Commission a.k.a NNSS) also had done surgical/genetic experimentation on mentally challenged children to see if they can replicate what Stalin did.

Annie Jacobsen does not reveal the name of her Source, and saves it for her next book (maybe). But given the information above I was able to mine WikiData and come up with an answer. Here is how I did it:

First I wrote a SPARQL Query for Wikidata Query Service (WDQS)

SELECT ?person ?personLabel ?death
  ?person wdt:P1344 wd:Q127050.
  ?person wdt:P570 ?death
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }

What it does is it finds people involved in the Manhattan project and sorts them by how recently they died (because Annie said the Source died recently). The result set is quite large but I limited the number of results below:

personpersonLabeldeath Chew2019-04-11T00:00:00Z Westcott2019-03-29T00:00:00Z J. Glauber2018-12-26T00:00:00Z

Now all I needed to find was someone in the above list who worked for the Atomic Energy Comission. Ed Wescott’s Wikipedia page says he worked for the Atomic Energy Comission. There is also an museum which opened in 1949 about the Manhattan Project, now called the American Museum for Science and Energy which is very fond of Ed Wescott. Ed Westcott’s wikipedia page also talks about museum sections dedicated to his work:

The first museum exhibition devoted to Westcott’s work was organized by the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge in 1981, entitled “Oak Ridge Seen 1943–1947: 20 Photographs by Edward Westcott”. In 2005, the Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville mounted an exhibition of his photos, entitled “Through the Lens of Ed Westcott: A Photographic History of World War II’s Secret City”. The American Museum of Science and Energyand the Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge both have exhibits devoted to Westcott and his work,[9][15] in addition to displaying his photos as part of exhibits on the city’s history. A selection of works from the Ewing Gallery exhibit is now a touring museum exhibit.[16]

So I conclude that Ed Wescott was person who knew about American experiments on mutating/mutilating mentally challenged childen.

I hope my blog will not get taken down for exposing the identity of a person with an Above Top Secret, Q Clearance who knew about the crimes that USA/DOE/AEC did by experimenting on children. I will take a backup of the blog just in case, after I publish this post. Please don’t dox me. I am just a loser on the Internet. Please don’t drone me either. I hope I am just being paranoid.

Marketing 1.0E100

As an electrical engineer, I can go off and easily build a one-stage amplifier or a two-stage amplifier, and I can imagine cascading a lot of them to build a million -stage amplifier. But it’s ridiculous to build such a thing, because long before the millionth stage, the thermal noise in those components way at the beginning is going to get amplified and make the whole thing meaningless.

Harold “Hal” Abelson, Lecture 1A | MIT 6.001 Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, 1986

If we assume marketing as a hype amplifier, that improves collective (average) attention to your product, the better it gets, the less useful it becomes, because hype for things that do not deserve any attention will make any attention to your product meaningless.

Marketing is self defeating as an industry at scale if it succeeds.

Lesson: Do not attempt to scale marketing if the medium is old. People will tune themselves out.


Wololo is word uttered by the priest units from the original Age of Empires game, usually when attempting to convert an enemy unit over to their side.

Now imagine if priests had the ability to convert any enemy unit on the entire map to their side. That is what we are facing now with the Internet and mass media.

People from the other side of the world can spread their ideology inside our national borders.

Global religions spread across national borders too since antiquity, but only when they were exceedingly nationalistic religion like Islam, which defined the concept of the Ummah, the global Muslim nation that exists across borders to which all Muslims should pledge their allegiance to.

Now thanks to modern (social) media, the differences between nations and religions have blurred, and now there are countless nations on the Internet.

So how do we know which is a nation which is an Internet club? This is where Carl Schmitt’s rule of thumb is useful: Any group that is willing to kill human beings indiscriminately is a nation. All it needs to be a proper nation is to have systematic method to declare war, or execute people.

Imagine if one country had the Philosopher’s Stone

That is how the USA is. Every country has to use USD to participate in world commerce, and they see each others currency as how much it is worth in respect to USD.

The Americans are in a privileged position because of this, they can inflate their money supply without creating price inflation in their local economy. The inflation happens elsewhere.

They can inflate their money supply to indefinitely fund winner-take-all internet media and commerce startups, conduct never ending unnecessary wars, forgive education loans for useless degrees, and offer free sex change operations.

In a globalized economy with free capital flow, the other nations (non-US nations) have to choose between fixed exchange rate and a sovereign monetary policy but not both. See the impossible trinity. Some nations like India restrict capital flow when they want to have sovereign monetary policy and stable exchange rates, but other nations like Singapore let exchange rates fluctuate within a range in which sovereign monetary policy is applied but outside said range Singapore move in sync with USD all the while allowing free capital flow.

US government is the only government that uses its own currency as its reserve currency for imports and exports, so it can have a sovereign monetary policy and free capital flow while not seeing sudden changes to exchange rates because other countries are constantly hungry for more USD as reserve currency. The excess USD leaves USA (due to US imports) which then is used as monetary base by other countries to inflate their money supply without creating price inflation for imported goods. Export centric countries like China have too much USD in their reserves (which they use to buy US bonds to make US government promise even more USD to China if they don’t go to war with each other if promises cannot be honored). These reserves mean the Chinese government can inflate the yuan to achieve price stability but they don’t, and instead sell their USD reserves to their own citizens at preferential rates so as to prevent yuan from leaving their country and thus have fixed exchange rates (and sovereign monetary policy) to keep exports attractive. These are different ways other countries cope with the American philosopher’s stone.

This is why USA goes to war with any country that settles international trade balances without using USD.

Every country and ideology wants to become USA and the way they do it is by infiltration of their democracy.

The left wingers infiltrate the USG by promising citizens more free bread and circuses. The right wingers infiltrate USG by promising more useless wars (although current right wing govt is only promising strengthened local borders which is smart). The Chinese and the Arabs infiltrate USG through investment in media, internet and other infrastructure companies.

Keep in mind much of the rural USA has guns which will be confiscated by the urban left when a left wing government comes to power.

Now they are talking about giving 1000$ per month to everyone inside their borders.

Cryptocurrencies need internet infrastructure owned by companies which stake their wealth using USD backed financial system.

It is going to be interesting to see where this goes. USA is too big to fail. Even if they do something very stupid like Marxist Leninist communism it will take a few centuries before they ruin themselves.


When you use the word God try to see it as a society/tribe seeing the best of itself in an idealized individual personal form. It is the Big Brother of the book 1984 who does not really exist.

So the Jewish god is singular (not many in number) jealous of other gods, vindictive of against people who disobey. Demands absolute obedience.

The Celtic, Roman , Greek , Hindu gods are many in number because the polytheists recognize the best of us can take many forms. It is not jealous or vindictive. But it reduces unity and increases numbers.

Before media the gods were sold by religions which are a type of P2P federated media with hierarchies (ActivityPub)

Nowadays society sees the best (and worst) of itself through media.

It sells us a idealized picture of ourselves.

The modern super hero pantheon is a polytheistic many ways to be god outside the law fixing the world sold to us by monotheistic Jews

When a society stops having a god archetype it relies on new archetypes like the tyrannical father and oedipal mother as a substitute. It sees itself as oppressed by a patriarchy while being protected by the oedipal mother.

The history of what the gods did in the history of our tribe is the history of what our tribe did but cannot admit to ourselves.

So when Egyptian first borns died you know who really did it.

Why fight for the right to govern USA is the fight to govern the world

The USA is in a unique position in many ways. The world uses its currency as a base currency much like gold used be the base metal for all currencies. The ability to mint USD is like having the philosophers stone. It confers the federal reserve unimaginable financial powers which can only threatened by weapons and a military advantage only possessed by the government of the USA.

In recent times, The financial powers of the federal reserve had always been in the hands of a progressive deep state (see Carroll Quigley who taught Bill Clinton). But the military of the USA always answered to the civilian leadership decided during American presidential elections.

This is why the American president is such an important role to infiltrate. And to that end infiltration of the American government and also their media (internet based media) is also desirable.

Everybody who wants to change the course of the world should attempt to influence american media, politics and ultimately install their personal American president.

This is why the communists both Chinese and western, want their guy in the white house. The environmentalists want their guy in the white house. Anybody who wants make everything inside USA free, wants their guy in the white house.

(The problem I hope you can see is that democracy by design allows anyone to install their guy, and this is why the money powers of the world want democracy everywhere.)

Two world wars were afforded using fiat currency until there was only one fiat currency the USD that was left. Only USG has the weapons to influence the Federal Reserve . So the fight of the century will who can influence the Americans and install their guy as the president.

For this the fight will spill over to the internet media manipulation and the corporations involved. Local elections appointing of judges.

It will be a miracle if the American republic can survive all this.