Time is not a linguistic construct

Thanks to the postmodernists in Anglo-American-European universities and governments, we are supposed to believe everything is merely a linguistic construct. We are supposed to believe we can change reality by just talking and thinking about it differently.

That is the thesis of the new science fiction movie Arrival, in which aliens offer us, humans, a timeless understanding of reality by merely teaching us their language which presumes no time. Using  Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis they justify that the alien language imparts the ability to remember the future like we remember the past.

By simply learning the language which only an American white woman manages to figure out correctly, the Aliens give the American the ability to see future and establish world peace.

The implication being only Americans see the future correctly, and that only they can bring about world peace. The Chinese and the Russians are shown as warmongers who need American inspiration to create world peace and transparent sharing of all knowledge.

As for the ability to remember future, no one can remember the change of the universe in which there is an increase in entropy because there is simply far too many states and possibilities the universe can be in. There is no way to summarize the innumerable possibilities of a high entropy state, into a few concepts to be transmitted as part of a language. So by definition, only the change of the universe in which there is a decrease entropy can be remembered.

TL;DR: Universe has a low entropy state and a high entropy state. Regardless of whether the universe is assumed to be moving from low entropy to high entropy, or high entropy to low entropy, we can only remember and understand, the low entropy states. This is because low entropy states can be summarized as concepts. Concepts are for the few possibilities that did happen, and not for everything that could have happened.

/.git/config is a good source for reconnaissance

Many programmers deploy their /.git/config file and it is sometimes accessible from the web server.

This file is often useful as the means to find the URL to the git repository used by the developer. From there one can find the true identity of the developer.

I sometimes leave this file in the deployment. I like people being interested in me and finding what I do.

Why the establishment hates media disruption

Much like how the printing press weakened the power of the religions to police thought, the Internet is weakening the grip of global liberalists over the world population to think progressively. (Progressive values are of course secularizations of religious values).

The establishment knows this and that is why they are paying billions to be part of the director’s board of any new communications/media/information management platform that comes out of the silicon valley.

Already attempts are being made to

  • strengthen worldwide intellectual property: so that media deconstruction through alternate media can be stopped by citing IP laws. See TPP.
  • offer non-neutral internet for cheaper prices: so that content that does not fall in line with the narrative can be censored using the machinery used to give preferential treatment to content. See Free Basic by Facebook
  • de-legitimizing all forms of legitimacy in alternate media: so that people will stop listening to forms of media that undermine the establishment. See PropOrNot
  • internet kill switches: so that the Internet can be shut down if necessary. See the nationwide internet outage in the USA in October 2016.
  • creation of progressive information bubbles: so that a small group of deluded loyalists can be maintained. bubbles against the narrative are censored. See Facebook/Reddit censorship.
  • various creative ways of information censorship: so that people are not influenced by information outside their bubble. See Reddit censorship.

So far such attempts have failed as they have always. Earning enough legitimacy to maintain a narrative on the Internet seems to be impossible. People around the world have always loved to hear what the underdog has to say.

Google Jigsaw is in a legitimacy building phase

Propaganda needs legitimacy, or else people wouldn’t accept it. So propaganda begins by earning legitimacy by offering analysis and information that others aren’t. Once people consider a source as legitimate, the subversion then happens often during opportune moments like elections.

Google Jigsaw offers two products to this end. One is unfiltered news which currently offers news that is suppressed or not covered in your region. The second is a live map of all DDOS attacks in the world.

Google Jigsaw is run by Jared Cohen, who according to Julian Assange (of Wikileaks) is Google’s ‘director of regime change.’. According to e-mails leaked by Wikileaks about STRATFOR [1][2], Jared Cohen is involved in engineering uprisings in foreign countries.

How can unfiltered news and a map about DDOS attacks be used to create uprisings? Here is how:

News that your locality isn’t talking about (if believable) can be used to create a suspicion of censorship against your local media/government. Suspicion of a coverup is a powerful force to mobilize people as seen in the last American elections. It can affect election outcomes.

DDOS attack map (if believable) can be used to falsely accuse certain nations of being the perpetrators of massive Internet shutdown like the ones experienced in the USA in October 2016. Anybody can be named the culprit with such an attack map. My belief is that such  a map will be used to blame the Chinese and the Russians.

How PropOrNot browser extension works

“PropOrNot Propaganda Flagger” is a browser extension which flags websites like Wikileaks as propaganda. I had a look at its source code so as to understand which websites are being flagged. What they are doing is that they are flagging a bunch of reliable websites with a bunch of obvious shady websites. So to the user, it looks like the extension finds a bunch of actual propaganda.

Here is the directory structure of the extension which is under


on my machine:

├── content_script.js
├── jquery.js
├── main.css
├── manifest.json
└── _metadata
    ├── computed_hashes.json
    └── verified_contents.json

1 directory, 6 files

The highlighted file is the one that actually flags content. Its contents are here. The relevant bit in the program is the list of domains it flags. I have listed them here:

Interesting to note that there are exactly 200 websites.

Identity politics was always the norm

Historically we have always divided ourselves into us vs. them, based on nationality, race, creed, classes, opinions etc. We have even killed each other in groups based on such divisions.

So we shouldn’t be surprised that we now have new means to divide ourselves and to want to police each other to respect these divisions. I am talking about the new divisions based on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersexual, asexual, pansexual, other-kins and ~70 different genders.

To have a society much less a civilization, we use one of these divisions to justify the killing of the other, and only this form of division which we use to kill each other ultimately matters.

Democracies own the most destructive weapons and they offer their legislative machinery for sale to the most cohesive divisions listed above. Through various forms of media and censorship, people of these divisions try to convince each other to become more cohesive and take control of the legislative machinery. There are of course groups that try to override the machinery and act in extra-legislative means i.e. through lobbying, NGOs, and fake uprisings.

None of this should surprise us. As individuals we want others to live our way of life, and those who threaten our way of life must be oppressed and killed if necessary.

There is no reason to believe we will ever unify ourselves into humans, without a common enemy who’d have to be labeled non-human and possess no rights we assign to humans if any. The forces of evolution are constantly trying to form new divisions which will perhaps one day induce enough separation to prevent the random matings we need to stay unified as species.

It is interesting how every means to divide ourselves and kill each other is sold to us as means to unify us. The world is a strange place indeed.

There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.

Inferno movie vs Inferno book

I had read the book a while back and saw the movie just now. The ending of the story has been inverted. Instead of the virus sterilizing 1/3rd of humanity, like in the book, in the movie, the virus is prevented from killing “billions of people” by the WHO and the Indian Provost of the Consortium (a private security agency).

The movie also depicts Turkish sympathizers of virus maker’s cause who aid the maker’s girlfriend Dr. Sienna in planting cell phone-triggered bombs to puncture the plastic bag containing the virus. But the bomb doesn’t explode because of the lack of signal underground where the bag is. Sienna kills herself in the movie trying trigger the bomb by hand like the suicide bombers. The plastic bag with the virus is contained using another plastic box, and the green light on the box proves the virus is contained. Not sure how the virus was contained while it was in the bag.

The inversion of the ending was conspiracy theory inducing for my broken mind. Why did the movie makers not tell the world about the author’s original plot about sterilizing 1/3rd the world? Why bring in Turkish terrorists into the plotline as someone aiding the virus that kills billions? Why have an Indian guy as the provost who ends up trying to save the world?

I think the answers hint at something very sinister being planned regarding population control. Turks are slowly being portrayed as the new baddies who help out in all mischief much like Friedman predicted. Indians are slowly being portrayed as helpers of the world leadership much like Friedman predicted.