Measles hysteria related to patent expiry

Patent US3133861A related to measles vaccination expired yesterday. The impending expiry was the reason why there was so much hysteria in the USA about measles outbreaks and how people need to vaccinate once again.


Eigen State

The West hoped to separate the Religion and State, and instead of separating it, what they invented is a type of religion which does not claim to be a Religion but is a State. It is the Progressive religion. It is preached by the media-academic complex. It retains its claim to truth, by walking in front of the Truth Train, while claiming to be its engine. The Truth Train is a system which supposedly progresses towards Truth in an incorruptible manner. It includes idealised processes like the scientific method, peer review, and hypothesis testing which is claimed to progress towards Truth even when corrupted. It did yield Truths for a while, but like any human enterprise it can be corrupted too. The media-academic complex, which claims to be its engine, is constantly tempted to drive the Truth Train instead of walking front of it. And as soon as it started driving the Train using research grants, and ostracism of dissidents, and the resulting publication bias, opportunists arrived to claim the grants using data mining bias, and non-replicable experiments. Soon the Progressive religion much like its Catholic predecessor will lose its grip on Truth because of this, and those who walk in front of it will claim to be its engine after that, until they are corrupted too.

The West hoped to dismantle the Permanent Government (e.g. Monarchy), through the use of periodic elections in which anyone is free to run for office. The threat of outsiders disrupting the Progressive religion, led to the formation of the Deep State, which is a form of Permanent Government. It aims to further the Progressive religion at any cost, without regard to majority opinion as revealed in elections if necessary.

The West hoped to fight dogma through the use of free speech, religious and ideological liberty. The threat of anti-Progressive speech spreading anti-progressive ideology led them to start selectively censoring such speech, and ideas. Free speech and religious liberty also put the West under the threat of being invaded by States masquerading as Religion (e.g. Islam). This is exactly the opposite of what the West suffers from i.e. a Religion masquerading a State a.k.a Progressivism. Strangely, Progressivism and Islam are temporary allies because both hopes to destroy the West.

The West hoped to balance the power of the State and its people through use the Gun rights. Instead it incentivised western governments to seek greater power through more destructive and autonomous weapons to threaten their citizens with.

The West hoped to end rule by decree, through the use of rule of law. But since the law can only govern the foreseeable, even the West bestows emergency powers and rule by decree when the unforeseeable happens.

The West hoped to limit the power of the State by limiting what it can do, it just led to power being concentrated in the hands of unelected corporations, and wealthy people serving the Progressive religion. These are the same people people who would have been part of the court elite in a Monarchy.

The West hoped to end hierarchy, by enforcing Equality. Instead what we got was the Weak and the Incompetent ruling the Strong and competent.

The more change the West attempts, the more of the same we get. Perhaps we need to admit we cannot abolish/weaken the State, abolish Religion, end Oppression. Perhaps we need to ways to find the right person for the Job. The Job is to balance the inevitable excesses which are part of the human nature.

Beware the p-zombies. They are among us!

A philosophical zombie or p-zombie in the philosophy of mind and perception is a hypothetical being that from the outside is indistinguishable from a normal human being but lacks conscious experience, qualia, or sentience


If they are indistinguishable by definition then I cannot even talk about them because that implies I can distinguish them, which by definition I cannot.

It is possible to distinguish them, and I firmly believe they exist outside thought experiments, and arguably in large numbers. They move through society seamlessly and there are some situations when they “come out”.

They are easily spotted by using techniques that induce widespread imitation of preferences which are rare. e.g. LGBTQQIAP people are rare (if they weren’t rare we wouldn’t be here), but by claiming there is virtue in “coming out”, more people will “come out” than ought to. This is because those extras are p-zombies. They do not have real preferences or even desires. They merely imitate what others do.

I would argue most of religion was designed to keep the p-zombies in check from devouring the rest of us. And in a democracy, manipulating p-zombies for votes is the key for everlasting consent of the governed.

p-zombies have no moral preferences, they will do what the moral leaders preach is cool. In modern society, the moral leaders is the media-academic complex. Religions have lost their dominance over p-zombies.

Thus we have actors raising their children to be transgender, or pretty much anything that helps them signal their holiness/piety.

The whole world might be a test, for us real people to see how we handle life among the p-zombies. If I were a creator of sapient life, I would make newly sapient beings live among the p-zombies to see how they handle it before letting them live in the “real world”.

Beware of anything that involves rarer preferences but widespread adoption. That is the test. If you can see through the illusion created by the test, you are fit to come to the “real world”.

e.g. I think this who climate change and eco-everything phenomenon is a test to see who are the p-zombies. The powers that be are tracking it using social media and the Internet.

My Haskell Setup 2019

This method is OS, GHC version, and editor agnostic.

Enable docker in your stack.yaml file. This is optional. If this causes issues in later steps disable it.

# stack.yaml
    enable: true

Set up direnv to use the paths given by stack.

# .envrc
export PATH=$(/usr/local/bin/stack path --bin-path)
$ direnv allow .

Install ghcid and copy it to directory for compiler tools

$ stack build --copy-compiler-tool ghcid

Run the following command while editing code in your favorite editor

$ ghcid --command "stack repl" --test ":main"

Why some traditions have stopped working. Why most progress is going to fail.

A tradition is a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society.

Traditions often include prescriptions about sexual behavior, diet, and dress codes. They serve to achieve economic prosperity, by influencing fertility rates and the ability to create unified action in times of difficulty.

Progress is a type of tradition which attempt to automatically practice the opposite of what other traditions prescribe.

There are more ways things can go wrong than as we want them to. Because of this most new ideas are wrong, and a method to falsify new claims is sufficient to narrow down our options to what works. Unfortunately, the unstated assumption here is that all ideas are equally often presented in a forum for falsification. What instead happens is that only claims which are acceptable to the tradition of the era, is presented for falsification and other ideas are censored. When any tradition tries to reduce the amount of ideas that can be presented for falsification, it slowly loses its ability to come up with useful, predictive and correct truths by falsifying bad ideas. As traditions lose their ability to become sources of truth, new traditions try to take its place. If a society cannot come up with traditions that work, it fails or limps on until new powerful traditions are found.

Most traditions we have today were invented in an agrarian society in which half the people worked in agriculture to feed the other half. More hands meant more food due to low industrialization, so more children meant more free labor, and so children were assets. There was an economic incentive to have more children. Children did not have to drain their parents income for 30 years before they got a degree in agriculture so as to be able to farm. As soon as they were 8, they were ready to sow and reap. Because of this children achieved economic independence early, and married early to make even more children. There was no time to be a 30 year old unemployed dependent on your parents income while having pre-marital sex with many sexual partners who are themselves economic dependents on their parents income. You were married long before that in your teens, and got laid in your teens to your teenage spouse. High infant mortality kept population from exploding. Women spend most of their time raising the large number of children who were assets as described above, and because of this they had to outsource bread winning to men. Because of this women were economically dependent on men, and so divorce was not an option. Men did not want to pay for other men’s children, and in the absence of paternity tests, marriage became the best option to discern paternity, and monogamy made sure everyone had a spouse whose children they were responsible for funding.

As a consequence of the above reality, most traditions that were invented during the agrarian era, prescribed post-marital non-adulterous sex between teenagers who would soon be married in their teens, and the women of the family had to raise as many children for their men so that the family had enough free agrarian labor to feed the family, and the society. Diets invented by new religions allowed for socialization between its members, and physical separation from non-believers. Dress codes just made spouses more attractive in private settings and also aided new religions in identifying its members in a large community.

The technological society we live in, requires a level of expertise that can only be gained through 20-30 years of training during which a child is sexually mature but economic dependent on their parents income. Children are liabilities who cannot marry until their 30s when they are economically independent and therefore these children resort to pre-marital sex while living on their parents dime. Women no longer make 10 children because children are liabilities, so women use the new found time, to enter the labor force and become economically independent from their spouses and divorce rates increase. Pre-marital relationships unlike post-marital relationships are not driven by economic necessity but primal qualities like sexual attractiveness which are easily advertised by breaking dress codes.

So it is no surprise that progress is the tradition of the day, because some traditions have stopped working. But emboldened by the success of progress, progressives will soon we will attempt even more radical ideas, most of which are wrong, and due to the lack of equal footing ideas deserve for presentation for falsification, progress will also lose its prescriptive power as the source of truth and prosperity. What comes after progress is what I am interested in. I do not know what form it will take, but I am sure it will not work because of pious observance of it, but because it works.

Christianity is Bronze Age Communism that probably took down Rome

None other than Frederick Engels mentions how Early Christianity is like modern day communism. I won’t repeat that here.

The decline of Rome dovetailed with the spread of Christianity, and some have argued that the rise of a new faith helped contribute to the empire’s fall. The Edict of Milan legalized Christianity in 313, and it later became the state religion in 380. These decrees ended centuries of persecution, but they may have also eroded the traditional Roman values system. Christianity displaced the polytheistic Roman religion, which viewed the emperor as having a divine status, and also shifted focus away from the glory of the state and onto a sole deity. Meanwhile, popes and other church leaders took an increased role in political affairs, further complicating governance. The 18th-century historian Edward Gibbon was the most famous proponent of this theory, but his take has since been widely criticized. While the spread of Christianity may have played a small role in curbing Roman civic virtue, most scholars now argue that its influence paled in comparison to military, economic and administrative factors.

Eric Zuesse and Robert Eisenman mentions how Christianity was originally a Jewish rebellion against Roman rule. It arose when Maccabean style rebellion that succeeded against the Greeks failed to work against Rome. So the poor resorted to their beliefs in a Messiah to come up with messianic movement(s) of which Jesus and his brother James lead movements were popular. They were murdered by Rome, and the Pauline arm of the rebellion which was meant to spread the rebellion against among the poor Gentiles of Rome and its neighbors and trading partners, became prominent, and became its own religion that like communism tried to abolish property and capital many times.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn explains how modern Communism was probably a Jewish movement as well.

I think it is no accident that the same western society that was infected with a form of Bronze Age Communism from one of the colonies it captured, then went on to invent a more portable form of communism by dropping God-belief from its patheon and replacing it with Enlightenment ideas like Science and aspects of Industrial Revolution. Now this belief is trying to metastasize into attaching itself to the ideas like Climate Change, and even expedition of Artificial Intelligence

Here is one reason why Theranos fraud is getting excessive coverage

Media companies in USA are lacking topics to cover truthfully. All issues worth covering are partisan, and the media is on one side of it. Because of this American media is losing legitimacy. People have stopped listening to the boy who cried wolf. People are wondering why we need to pay for newspapers, and cable news when Youtube news channels are free and more predictive, accurate, and useful.

This is where the Theranos incident comes in. It is a great story that proves that the old media still works and is objective. It helps the media regain its legitimacy which they can later use to lie to us.