License to kill is source of all authority

License to kill people indiscriminately in large numbers if necessary is the source of all authority on this planet. This license is lucrative and the licensee tends to be territorially monopolistic. This license is hidden behind claims of Rule of Law, Human Rights, Democracy and other myths that licensee itself does not abide by in secret.

Low Level Christianity

As an ex-Christian, I like thinking about Christianity as a product of design by the Roman empire which tried to unify the belief systems of allied and conquered regions in a way that preserves its allegiance to Rome, with the Roman emperor as a God. Monotheisms like Judaism were harder to unify under a state religion because it would accept no other God. Perhaps this is why the Emperor Vespasian (i.e. Son of Man) created the Gospels in which he pre-incarnated as the Messiah of the Jews to tell the Jews about the Second Coming in which he would destroy the Temple of the Jews their most holiest site. This pre-incarnated Vespasian (i.e. Jesus) also asked Jews to pay taxes to Rome, and worship the Messiah (i.e. Vespasian) as God, and asked Jews to love their enemies i.e. Rome, and go the extra mile for Rome. The pre-incarnated Vespasian also did miracles like Vespasian did and helped the blind see etc. Luke 4:18 claims Isaiah 61 says Vespasian will do miracles so that the blind will see, but the Jewish Isaiah 61 doesn’t speak of the blind seeing.

My current guess is that the Jewish Yahweh became the Father of the Trinity, Emperor Vespasian became the pre-incarnated Son of Man and Son of the Yahweh: Jesus, and Holy Trinity was who Paul got his instructions from having never been a real disciple of Jesus. But having 3 gods in a monotheism was a problem, so we have the Trinity which is how 3 = 1. An ugly hack but I guess with the might of Rome, they could make Romans believe anything including a moon landing if necessary 😉

However one of the essential ways Christianity (of all flavours) differs from say Judaism, is its emphasis on inaction and “Trust The Plan” (i.e. faith) as the means to salvation. Calvinists took this too far until it started resembling Hindu fatalism. But we can see how important it was to Rome that people did not act to save themselves. We don’t need any activism if Rome had to retain its power.

My mother’s cult created a new innovation in this domain of inaction. It said everyone is cursed/punished for the bad things their ancestors did. So this is another layer of inaction. No longer can you consider yourselves saved because of your deeds, you had to fix the curses your ancestors and with transference you suffer.

With every layer of inaction, there is a bigger market for Grace of the pre-incarnated Emperor Vespasian, and Faith in him.

The cannibal meal was a common theme in pagan beliefs that we assumed the properties of the bodies we ate. And that is why there is a lot of talk about Emperor Vespasian being within you in Christianity.

It is an ancient system of propaganda that outlived its purpose. Rome ended. Roman Christianity survived.

The real miracle is that Jews and their true monotheism (not 3 = 1) survived this multi-thousand-year onslaught on their faith. Look at other religions that opposed Rome e.g. the Druids. We barely know what they believed. Clearly the Jewish tribal unification propaganda i.e. Judaism is better engineered than its Roman counterfeit i.e. Christianity. It would be even more amazing if Judaism was the religion engineered by Pharaoh Akhenaten, but I will think about that later.