Censoring people who recommend censorship

There are three parties in censorship.

  1. The party being censored
  2. The censor
  3. The snitch. This is the person/group which generates the brouhaha and asks the censor to censor someone or something.

This third group (3.) is often a loud minority. I propose that you should only censor the snitches. Never try to fight the censor. The more you try to fight the censor the more they are convinced you deserve to be censored. Always set up early warning systems to find snitches, and censor the snitches.

For example, in the Fediverse, there are

  • servers
  • blocklists which contain the servers to block, and servers that implement the blocklist
  • people who recommend new entries to the blocklist (i.e. the snitches)

If you just block the people who recommend new entries to the blocklist, these people cannot find you in the first place to target you.

Here is the list of snitches I found:

  • snouts.online
  • rage.love
  • cybre.space
  • masto.donte.com.br
  • sleeping.town
  • colorid.es
  • pixie.town
  • bantu.social
  • likeable.space
  • plural.cafe
  • mastodon.art
  • octodon.social
  • cornichon.me
  • laserdisc.party
  • hellsite.site
  • tenforward.social

Here is how I found them:

Pick a neutral server like botsin.space and use it to search for the tag #Fediblock. Look for users who recommend servers to be added block lists. Block their servers before they see you.

Please leave in comments any snitches you may find with proof, so we can censor them.

Above all I recommend that everyone run their own Fediverse servers so that you can implement your own personal blocklist without violating other people’s preferences.

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