MH17 is MH370

What if MH370 was renamed to MH17 and filled with dead bodies and shot down over Ukrainian skies using Soviet-era Buk missiles made by Ukrainians (Ukraine was the largest weapons manufacturing place for the Soviets) and said missile attack was blamed on modern Russia led by Putin so as to justify NATO intervention against a pro-Russian government established in northern Ukraine. All of this part of surrounding Russia with NATO weapons and NATO aligned nations.

Tweets predicted MH17 incident 1 month prior:

Also, ever just noticed both MH370 and MH17 are both Boeing 777-200ER models? And MH17 was shot down a few months after MH370.

Its a popular theory in Malaysia the MH370 went to Pakistan because it contained something.

The psychologist counseling the victims is a friend of my friend.

There are Malaysian victims who are completely gone missing to their families. What better way than to recycle those same missing people now dead as passengers of MH17

And now we hear this:

MH370: Four-year hunt ends after private search is completed

Case closed. The science is settled.


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