Galatians 3:16 shows Paul doesn’t know Hebrew

Galatians 3:16 uses an incorrect argument that reveals that Paul doesn’t know Hebrew. He assumes Hebrew has the plural of the word seed. It doesn’t. Throughout the Old Testament, we only talk about seed, not seeds, because it is written in Hebrew. For someone like Paul who claimed to be a student of Gamaliel and the Pharisee of Pharisees, his understanding of Hebrew is pretty bad. He would have used a Greek translation like Septuagint to make a point about how Jesus was the Jewish Messiah.

If Paul knowingly used a Greek translation and claimed to be a student of Gamaliel who doesn’t know Hebrew but says he is Jewish, it makes the whole tale look fishy.


I wouldn’t be surprised if the Romans sent Paul to infiltrate the Jewish culture and neuter it’s various Messianic anti-Roman rebels by creating a pro-Roman flavor of the Jewish religion.

For an initially Jewish movement, the stories about Jesus and his followers seem surprisingly pro-Roman, set in a time when the Jewish militants were resisting the Roman rule.

The Jews have in the Old Testament killed their other prophets, and their God punished them for it until they repented and returned to their God. So I wouldn’t be surprised if pro-Roman people like Paul and other New Testament authors used the story of Jews (not Romans) killing Jesus as a reason why they were starved killed when the Second Temple was destroyed.


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