Reports of AI and automation are inflated

One of the grand prophesies of socialism is that eventually capitalism will lead to workers not being paid enough to consume, and workers taking control of the means to production and the creation of classless society. Others believe in the prophecy that automation will lead to universal basic income being needed which leads to workers getting paid to do nothing so that they can keep consuming the products of capital. Still others believe widespread acceptance of climate change and the resulting fear will lead to people ditching oil backed economy which will be made to pay for a socialist egalitarian utopia. Still others hope in a border less hemispheric common marketplace which make all people follow the path taken by the West which will lead to socialism too.

The central hope in the coming of this rapture to work free border less eco friendly paradise is very religious, self fulfilling and there are powerful people who want it to happen.

This hope in the second coming of socialism is what lies at the root of overinflated claims about automation. This is what is behind the hopes that the coming of AI is just around the corner when we will finally not have to toil anymore and that this AI will work for our pleasure so that we can consume freely without ruining the environment.

Unfortunately no matter what prophecies say, the current state of automation and AI is unprincipled and will not hasten the arrival of a work free utopia. When AI is finally realized it wouldn’t even be a genie that grants our wishes. It will be a god and much like the gods of religion its behaviour will be absurd.

God acts in mysterious ways.


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