Christianity & Islam as immune system responses to Judaism

Ibn Khaldun would say Judaism has one of the highest Assabiyah in existence in any religion.

The Jewish tribes can function as a unit even in the absence of global telecommunication while being spread across the globe. Much like how bedouins function across a single desert. But while the bedouins only face the elements in a single desert, the Jews face billions of potentially hostile unconcious minds across the globe.

In the so called “Dark Ages” and even in ancient Rome and divided Arabia, I think both Christianity and Islam arose as a defense against a Jewish invasion of the psyche of the minds of the people. Both religions seem to have taken two paths.

Christianity as engineered by the ancient Romans took the left liberal leaning path some equality and some liberty for all under God.

Islam as engineered by the Arabs took the right conservative path of increasing Assabiyah through constraints on equality and liberty, and total submission under God.

Both pretend to be a Jewish revival. Seems like Christianity won’t be able to survive in the post-industrial low-fertility world with feminist values. But Islam will make it alive. And the Soros led forced migrations seem to be meant towards destroying Christianity.

If global change in political/moral values are understood as primarily a Jewish construct, then the destruction of the various imitation Judaisms seem to be it’s end. Modeling history as a war against imitation Judaisms makes it very easy to understand.

Apologies for being a crackpot. And I don’t think this view is anti-Semitic. To the contrary it is an amazing social phenomena that should be studied.


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