Reputation Sink

Society needs a Reputation Sink to blame all of it’s ills on. It is not enough that bad things happen but there has to be somebody or a group of people to blame.

This is why inventing phony Reputations Sinks, if none exists, is essential, during conflict or during periods of high uncertainty.

The various deep states and their public relations departments are ideally positioned to create reputation Sinks due to their high social cohesions (see Khaldun)

Ideally, the reputation Sink should possess the opposite qualities from that which the deep state possesses externally.

So the Reputation Sink:

  • Has to be a non-state actor and/or not powerful/rich.
  • Must have an ambiguous means to determine membership: anybody who does public harm can be claimed to be part of the reputation sink.
  • Should be famous or made famous.
  • Should have the opposite values or beliefs to what deep state pretends to have.
  • Should be uneducated.

Example: Notice how a certain Islamic terrorist group claimed ownership of the perpetrator of the Nevada gun shooting when he shot a mostly conservative audience at a country music event. Had no such ownership been claimed the blame would have automatically gone to the progressive faction for being violent against the conservatives. So we should assume the claim to ownership was fabricated by the progressives themselves who through their public relations departments decided to lay blame on the Reputation Sink. Also the debate is also about how all shooters are white because blacks shooting up churches are not covered by the same PR dept. This is an attempt to slowly convert white people into a Reputation Sink now that their fertility rate is lowering. Finally the debate is also about how banning guns will solve the issue when Switzerland does not have mass shootings proportional to their gun ownership percentage, this is an attempt to use all gun ownership as a reputation Sink.

Digression: Sen. Diane Feinsteins Town Hall  in which an immigrant was claiming Deportation Forces are chasing him is now not receiving enough attention. The narrative of the deportation forces ought to  have been the narrative of the week. This leads me to believe the progressive deep state was not expecting the Nevada shooting. It is also possible that a conservative deep state aided paddock in carrying out the shooting.
Other reputation Sinks that have been or are being tried are Russia (notice how hacking elections turned into purchasing Facebook ads), Anonymous (notice how they never ddos progressive websites), China (notice countries neighboring it are being destabilized and all Chinese borders are have “border disputes”), evil science denying white straight male capitalists who cause climate change.

We have to always be at war with the Boogeyman, because without one we will lose hope knowing that evil is random and often without purpose.

Chaos and entropy are the true Boogeymen. This is why I will do whatever it takes to run away from it, except give up my ability to create order: Cosmos.


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