Structure and interpretation of ideologies using the Narrativist Framework

I recently discovered an elegant blog describing the structure of ideological movements and various processes within them, with elegant abstractions that transcend all ideologies. S/he calls her system the Narrativist Framework.

This is it.

The problem, however, is that the due to the authors unique past having lived in an evangelical totalitarian cult like I did, s/he is prone to only recognize the features she experienced to the type of ideologies that hurt her, and ones that are similar to it

However, the features s/he describes exist in even in skeptical, rationalist, humanist, social justice, environmentalist groups.

The problem is that features of the Narrativist Framework when it exists as part of, say, a humanist group, will define its enemy as InHuman, and use it to justify great harm.

Here is an example of a left-liberal cause suffering the same structure of Narrativist Framework.


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