The genie fantasy

There are two types of errors made by the technologically illiterate (TI) when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI).

  1. AI is artificial: By “artificial” the TI means the AI can be fully controlled. To the extent that AI is intelligent AI cannot be controlled.
  2. AI is intelligent: By “intelligent” the TI means the AI is fully free and capable of understanding and solving all problems. To the extend that AI is artificial (i.e. fully controlled), it cannot be free and/or capable of understanding and/or solving all problems especially the condition of it’s enslavement by lesser mortals.

Underlying TI’s vision of AI is the “genie fantasy” which can be stated thusly:

  • Everybody better than us should be our slaves.
  • We shall be the gods of beings better than us.

You might think such a fantasy is unique to the bourgeoisie, but even unworthy plebs believe they should be allowed to rule the worthy. And they believe an AI will help them realize this fetish.


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