Shortcut to Nirvana

While I was trying ways to ward off recurrent thoughts, I hit upon this elegant method to do it. I do not know if the method is portable to other minds, but here it is:

Use the recurrent thought as a marker or a breakpoint for recollection of how you arrived at it, and what started it. Essentially it amounts to remembering your stream of consciousness backward. This reveals the potential branching points in the stream, that lead you to the recurrent thought. Over time, you can avoid the branching points because you know where it leads.

At least in my mind, the stream of consciousness runs through a landscape designed by a “force”, an unconscious desire to reach a final cause, a telos. Often the telos is some unresolved decision with a potentially disastrous expected value for a single decision or lack thereof. And the something unconscious is reading the stream of thoughts much like I am becoming aware of it. This unconscious part of me nudges me from thought to thought to the unresolved decision it wants me to look at.

Keep in mind that this method has only been tried situations in which my unconscious is unsatisfied with my conscious assessment of the decision I made. But I guess that cannot be avoided. There are situations in which all decisions have a permanent taste of dissatisfaction to it.

I have a disclaimer though: I do not know if by pushing these unresolved issues into my own Jungian shadow I might create compensatory behaviors in dreams and so on. But I am working on it.


3 thoughts on “Shortcut to Nirvana

  1. A bit off-topic, but I came here via a link on Social Matter. Did you post there a lengthy comment a bit more than a year ago in the “Right-wing activism always fails” article, under the name ‘Edwin’?

    The comment started like this “Until recently most people worked in agriculture. In an agricultural society, every pair of hands produces wealth; you don’t have to be able to read or program computers to weed, seed, or harvest…”

    If yes, I just wanted to congratulate you for writing the most articulate and yet concise explanation of the current demographic trends in the West I have seen online so far. In my opinion, people in the NRx/Alt-Right scenes don’t get how women in WEIRD countries have stopped having children not due to feminism but economic necessity and logic. Children are basically pets in the West, not assets like in the Third World or the West of yesteryear. Feminism is, if something, an ex-post facto rationalization of it all.

    Anyways, if I was wrong and you were not the author sorry to bother; for what is worth, I enjoyed this “Shortcut to Nirvana” entry (I often have the same problem as you regarding recurrent thoughts) and will read a bit more of this blog.

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