Time is not a linguistic construct

Thanks to the postmodernists in Anglo-American-European universities and governments, we are supposed to believe everything is merely a linguistic construct. We are supposed to believe we can change reality by just talking and thinking about it differently.

That is the thesis of the new science fiction movie Arrival, in which aliens offer us, humans, a timeless understanding of reality by merely teaching us their language which presumes no time. Using  Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis they justify that the alien language imparts the ability to remember the future like we remember the past.

By simply learning the language which only an American white woman manages to figure out correctly, the Aliens give the American the ability to see future and establish world peace.

The implication being only Americans see the future correctly, and that only they can bring about world peace. The Chinese and the Russians are shown as warmongers who need American inspiration to create world peace and transparent sharing of all knowledge.

As for the ability to remember future, no one can remember the change of the universe in which there is an increase in entropy because there is simply far too many states and possibilities the universe can be in. There is no way to summarize the innumerable possibilities of a high entropy state, into a few concepts to be transmitted as part of a language. So by definition, only the change of the universe in which there is a decrease entropy can be remembered.

TL;DR: Universe has a low entropy state and a high entropy state. Regardless of whether the universe is assumed to be moving from low entropy to high entropy, or high entropy to low entropy, we can only remember and understand, the low entropy states. This is because low entropy states can be summarized as concepts. Concepts are for the few possibilities that did happen, and not for everything that could have happened.


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