Why the establishment hates media disruption

Much like how the printing press weakened the power of the religions to police thought, the Internet is weakening the grip of global liberalists over the world population to think progressively. (Progressive values are of course secularizations of religious values).

The establishment knows this and that is why they are paying billions to be part of the director’s board of any new communications/media/information management platform that comes out of the silicon valley.

Already attempts are being made to

  • strengthen worldwide intellectual property: so that media deconstruction through alternate media can be stopped by citing IP laws. See TPP.
  • offer non-neutral internet for cheaper prices: so that content that does not fall in line with the narrative can be censored using the machinery used to give preferential treatment to content. See Free Basic by Facebook
  • de-legitimizing all forms of legitimacy in alternate media: so that people will stop listening to forms of media that undermine the establishment. See PropOrNot
  • internet kill switches: so that the Internet can be shut down if necessary. See the nationwide internet outage in the USA in October 2016.
  • creation of progressive information bubbles: so that a small group of deluded loyalists can be maintained. bubbles against the narrative are censored. See Facebook/Reddit censorship.
  • various creative ways of information censorship: so that people are not influenced by information outside their bubble. See Reddit censorship.

So far such attempts have failed as they have always. Earning enough legitimacy to maintain a narrative on the Internet seems to be impossible. People around the world have always loved to hear what the underdog has to say.


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