Google Jigsaw is in a legitimacy building phase

Propaganda needs legitimacy, or else people wouldn’t accept it. So propaganda begins by earning legitimacy by offering analysis and information that others aren’t. Once people consider a source as legitimate, the subversion then happens often during opportune moments like elections.

Google Jigsaw offers two products to this end. One is unfiltered news which currently offers news that is suppressed or not covered in your region. The second is a live map of all DDOS attacks in the world.

Google Jigsaw is run by Jared Cohen, who according to Julian Assange (of Wikileaks) is Google’s ‘director of regime change.’. According to e-mails leaked by Wikileaks about STRATFOR [1][2], Jared Cohen is involved in engineering uprisings in foreign countries.

How can unfiltered news and a map about DDOS attacks be used to create uprisings? Here is how:

News that your locality isn’t talking about (if believable) can be used to create a suspicion of censorship against your local media/government. Suspicion of a coverup is a powerful force to mobilize people as seen in the last American elections. It can affect election outcomes.

DDOS attack map (if believable) can be used to falsely accuse certain nations of being the perpetrators of massive Internet shutdown like the ones experienced in the USA in October 2016. Anybody can be named the culprit with such an attack map. My belief is that such  a map will be used to blame the Chinese and the Russians.


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