How PropOrNot browser extension works

“PropOrNot Propaganda Flagger” is a browser extension which flags websites like Wikileaks as propaganda. I had a look at its source code so as to understand which websites are being flagged. What they are doing is that they are flagging a bunch of reliable websites with a bunch of obvious shady websites. So to the user, it looks like the extension finds a bunch of actual propaganda.

Here is the directory structure of the extension which is under


on my machine:

├── content_script.js
├── jquery.js
├── main.css
├── manifest.json
└── _metadata
    ├── computed_hashes.json
    └── verified_contents.json

1 directory, 6 files

The highlighted file is the one that actually flags content. Its contents are here. The relevant bit in the program is the list of domains it flags. I have listed them here:

Interesting to note that there are exactly 200 websites.


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