Inferno movie vs Inferno book

I had read the book a while back and saw the movie just now. The ending of the story has been inverted. Instead of the virus sterilizing 1/3rd of humanity, like in the book, in the movie, the virus is prevented from killing “billions of people” by the WHO and the Indian Provost of the Consortium (a private security agency).

The movie also depicts Turkish sympathizers of virus maker’s cause who aid the maker’s girlfriend Dr. Sienna in planting cell phone-triggered bombs to puncture the plastic bag containing the virus. But the bomb doesn’t explode because of the lack of signal underground where the bag is. Sienna kills herself in the movie trying trigger the bomb by hand like the suicide bombers. The plastic bag with the virus is contained using another plastic box, and the green light on the box proves the virus is contained. Not sure how the virus was contained while it was in the bag.

The inversion of the ending was conspiracy theory inducing for my broken mind. Why did the movie makers not tell the world about the author’s original plot about sterilizing 1/3rd the world? Why bring in Turkish terrorists into the plotline as someone aiding the virus that kills billions? Why have an Indian guy as the provost who ends up trying to save the world?

I think the answers hint at something very sinister being planned regarding population control. Turks are slowly being portrayed as the new baddies who help out in all mischief much like Friedman predicted. Indians are slowly being portrayed as helpers of the world leadership much like Friedman predicted.


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