The 6 types of states of India

As we have seen before, any association of people which can (and do) kill another people is a state and such an association is political. Under this minimal definition of a state many previously unknown states are known to co-exist in the same territory over a compromise that can be broken.

Modern India has 6 types of states under this definition:

  1. The Democratic State: this state is the most widespread and controls the most destructive weapons. It provides its protection in exchange for obedience. Unfortunately/fortunately it’s power is for sale every election to various coalitions which convince the most to support them.
  2. The Hindu state: Groups like Bajrang Dal are part of the Hindu State. They are relatively tame compared to the other organizations in this list. Most of the time they just engage in cultural manipulation rather than warfare. They don’t have to engage in much violence because they are the most widespread and can engage in collective action like boycotts and lobby to preserve their way of life.
  3. The Islamic state: This state is the most violent as of now, and engage in real indiscriminate killings of random people frequently. They include groups like:
    • Al-Badr
    • Al-Qaeda
    • Al-Umar-Mujahideen
    • Deendar Anjuman
    • Dukhtaran-e-Millat
    • Harkat-ul-Mujahideen
    • Hizb-ul-Mujahideen
    • Indian Mujahideen
    • Islamic State (IS) or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
    • Jaish-e-Mohammed
    • Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen
    • Lashkar-e-Taiba
    • Students Islamic Movement of India
  4. The Maoist/Communist states: these states are not very geographically unified. It exists among the regions which are underrepresented in the democratic state. Their characteristic is that they are Marxist in nature often with tribal overtones. They include:
    • Akhil Bharat Nepali Ekta Samaj
    • Communist Party of India (Maoist)
    • Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) People’s War
    • Maoist Communist Centre
  5. The Northeastern States: many separatists groups in northeastern India can be categorized under this label. For example ACF, ATTF, BLTF, DHD, GNLA, HNLC, HPM, HuM, IRF, KCP, KLNLF, KLO, KYKL, MNF, MULTA, NDFB, NLFT, NSCN-IM, PLA, PREPAK, TNV, ULFA, UNLF, ZRA, SULFA can be classified under this group. The only thing common about them is they want sovereign states comprised of north easterners of various types.
  6. The Sikh State: this state is based on the Sikh identity. They used to be much more active in the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi. They include:
    • Babbar Khalsa International
    • Khalistan Commando Force
    • Khalistan Zindabad Force
  7. The Tamil State: this state is based on the Tamil identity. They used to be much more active in the assassination of PM Rajiv Gandhi. Seems like it is not very active now.
    • Tamil National Retrieval Troops
    • Tamil Nadu Liberation Army
    • Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

What about the others?

The others are pretty much fodder for these groups above to either kill or use as a voter/supporter base. Usually, others simply support the Democratic State because it is the strongest one and can retain its legitimacy.

Note about the Buddhists, Christians, and Jews of India:

The 14th Dalai Lama is part of the VHP and was one its founders. So in some sense, Buddhists are part of the Hindu State.

Christians are trying too hard to make their rituals similar to the Hindus so as to gain the support of the Hindu State. So Indian Christians have adopted many religious practices of the Hindus as part of the mass for instance.

The Jews of India are marrying Hindus the last time I checked. Many have left for Israel the Jewish state.


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