z-sec.io footer is a substitution cipher, not a gematria

The footer of this website has a pigpen cipher encoding of a substitution cipher:

This is the pigpen cipher:


which translates into:


which is a substitution cipher which decrypts as:


which says (with added spaces):

mention shibboleet to receive a discount on your first bill

4chan sleuths are worried that it stands for a Simple Gematria hash of the phrase “Missing British Girl Madeleine Mccann Portugal Two Zero Zero Seven”.Madeleine Mccann was a girl abducted by people who look like the Podesta brothers.

Gematria is unreliable as high fidelity cipher because it is essentially a hashing algorithm with low collision resistance. Therefore, due to the birthday paradox, it is very likely that two phrases have the same Gematria.

Gematria is useful as a pre-shared secret. For example, you share the idea that 0 means a core idea in your cult. Later when you mention 0, the initiates of your cult knows what 0 means even when you say it in public. Perhaps this is why secret society, occult practitioners and cults (including early Christianity) used Gematria to create a sense of belonging experienced when one knows a secret only known to a group.


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