The State

Try to imagine what is common about the following:

  • Democratic State
  • Theocratic State
  • Communist State
  • Socialist State
  • Fascist State
  • Capitalist State
  • Islamic State
  • Authoritarian State
  • European State
  • Nation State
  • Christian State
  • People’s State
  • Totalitarian State
  • Proletarian State
  • Marxist State
  • Libertarian State
  • Homosexual State
  • Transexual State
  • Feminist State
  • Queer State
  • Otherkin State
  • Black State
  • Post Union Worker’s State
  • Republican State
  • [Invent Your Own] State

What is common is that each of these groups of people (can) attack and kill other groups of people (as enemies) if need be. In fact, any group of people which can attack and kill other groups of people can be considered a State. The affairs of a state are called political affairs. (We are not talking about murders between individuals. But groups of people attacking other groups of people in general and sometimes indiscriminately in wars).

From such simple assumptions, we can create an entire branch of study about States in general without imposing any ideology.

For instance,

  • There may be other associations between people of a State which are religious, economic, class-based, caste based, trade based, tribal, familial, racial. However, the one association among these that can kill/attack people in wars forms the State. e.g. a feminist state could have trading guilds that trade with each other, but the guild itself will not engage in naming groups of people as enemies and being capable of attacking them. In fact, only some/all feminists of the feminist state get to decide which group is the enemy and attack them.
  • As you have seen above any form of association can become a State as soon as it can start to designate other groups of people as enemies to be killed in groups/indiscriminately.
  • A World State is impossible unless it gives up the ability to decide who are the enemies to be attacked and killed, while simultaneously dismantling all States within the world it exists in. A World State will cease to be a state because it gives up the ability to mark groups of people as enemies worthy of attacking and killing.
  • In the absence of a State i.e. in an anarchy or in a World State, over time other harmless associations will become capable and willing to attack and kill its enemies. Under our definition of the State, anarchies and a World State will cease to be States over time.

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