The 3 States of the USA

In the previous post, I covered the idea that any association of people (along any lines) which can (and do) kill another group of people indiscriminately is a State.

The Modern USA is home to 3 powerful States as per this definition:

  1. The Democratic State. It commands the most destructive weapons of these 3 States. It employs people from all around the region it governs. It provides protection services and demands obedience in return. It uses a democratic process to periodically select its leadership, and everyone else tries to control this State by having its personnel elected. Gridlocks are common. The Democratic State also doesn’t believe other States are possible or do not know how to deal with them.
  2. The Intolerant Leftist State centered around university towns, cities in general and California. It is comprised of non-Caucasoid peoples, people who have alternative sexual lifestyles and feminists. Of these, the black liberation movements hold the most promise for actually conducting violence when it comes to killing another group of people. Hence, The Intolerant Left will eventually be led by Black people, and if they are smart they will use the other non-Caucasoids, feminists, and people alternate sexual lifestyles for boosting their legitimacy. They coordinate using universities and NGOs funded by billionaires. This State owns all modes of persuasion like the media and entertainment. They are internationalist by nature and can persuade even other States to do their bidding.
  3. The Leaderless Traditionalist State centered around rural or sub-urban areas and Texas. They are gun owners and believe in traditional values like racially and religiously defined State. They coordinate over the Internet because they are not allowed to hold meetings outside. They are leaderless because their leaders are ostracized or attacked or murdered for trying to lead.

What about the others? Well since the others are not willing to kill groups of people, they are the silent observers and essentially voters who can be persuaded to give control of the Democratic State to the Intolerant Leftists or the Leaderless Traditionalists. This group is also a useful camouflage for everyone so as to conduct other forms of associations between peoples like economic, familial, associations.

The Future of these 3 States

Abolition of electoral colleges used by the Democratic State if successful will lead to migration of like-minded people into geographical proximity. This is because politicians of the Democratic State will only give voice to densely populated regions in the absence of electoral colleges. The rest of the regions will be essentially taxed without representation. Like-minded people from such unrepresented regions will congregate around a few regions and try to influence the Democratic State from there. Once geographically separated the actual violent separation and dissolution of the Democratic State will happen after this.

People who can protect themselves without a State, and afford a living will, of course, make a living by trading between these States.

Without access to both oceans as a single State, The USA will lose most of its economic and military advantages.

I cannot say how soon all of this will happen or even whether it will happen. It is possible that cooler heads will prevail and make the right moves using the Democratic State to prevent the dissolution of itself.


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