Bullshit Jobs will be used to justify UBI

Bullshit jobs are outrageous, meaningless employment concentrated in professional, managerial, clerical, sales, and service workers. Here are some of the bullshit job titles generated by a random generator:

  • Global Program Producer
  • Tertiary Benchmarking Supervisor
  • Network Security Strategist

As productivity becomes more and more outsourced or automated in the first world, the right to another’s labor/ingenuity (a.k.a wealth) cannot be allocated to the most productive/ingenious. Instead, wealth is allocated to those who can command/coax the labor/ingenuity to others.

Such people do “bullshit jobs” because the economy can do fine without them.

At the helm of bullshit job doers lie the money supply adjusters and  people with access to their preferential low-interest money supply. They grant the right to spent by taking care that such excessive spending does not cause hyperinflation.

They hold the power to grant the right to spend which is used up mostly on the top and it is shared through networks of patronage.

Since first worlds don’t have to be productive to stay alive, and simply live on money supply, pretty soon that will be used to justify universal basic income.

They will tell themselves: why not just pay ourselves a fee for existing. It will set a start for a path to human domestication in the first world.


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