Are we the saviours of the unworthy?

300 years after the enlightenment, many parts of the world still needs help. Products of the enlightenment travel fast and wide, but few have caught on to make them, and even fewer have caught on to how to invent them and to think in terms of the ideas that make them possible.

The enlightened elite believes lower birth rates and women’s empowerment will lead to enlightenment anywhere. However, lower birth rates in the west were only achieved because of the industrial revolution (i.e. a product of the enlightenment). Businesses of the industrial revolution needed only skilled labor, and so, children needed 20-year training which made them a liability rather than an asset and drove their parents to have fewer children. (Reliable contraception was only achieved a few decades ago, so it is wrong to say they are the reason for lowered birth rates in the west and other industrialized nations. Birth rates in the west were lowered long before that.). Fewer children also freed up women to become financially independent and “empowered”.

By mistaking the effect (lower birth rates and women’s liberation) for the cause (industrial revolution), the elites are barking up the wrong tree. The elite resort to extensive social engineering through the media and are even willing to give principles of the enlightenment so as to lower birth rates and empower women.

What if, the unenlightened cannot be saved? What if the enlightened are meant to take off leaving the rest behind. Are they willing to do it? It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. There were 6 human-like species and only the homo sapiens prevailed. What if this time, only a few industrialized nations prevail?

If you think that is horrific, the alternative is equally horrific: Imagine a society in which enlightenment is consistently debased, unenlightened, irresponsible people easily out-breed the enlightened, creating, over the course of many centuries, an irremediably dim and sexually motivated dystopia. Consequently, the enlightened are drowned in a sea of promiscuous, illiterate, proletarian peers.

There is a third alternative, of course, and it is that technology will bring together the like-minded who through some paradigm shift make ourselves irrelevant and unnecessary for the prevalence of freedom and reason in the universe.


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