Got Purpose

Since I do not plan to get married and/or have children, I’ve always lacked something to consider more important than myself that actually exists and is not just an idea.

I have decided that the happiness and well-being of people like me are something worth considering as something more important than myself.

They will exist as evolutionary cul-de-sacs but they deserve well-being because they did not mean any harm.

People like me are happiest when they are not bullied, ridiculed or confined by any group and are left alone to voluntarily interact with people they wish to trade with.

To make them the happiest people on this planet I will have to make their tyrants weak.


One thought on “Got Purpose

  1. Hello brother. But you should realise that maybe today’s Tyrants were yesterday’s Us. But I agree with the voluntary self-eradication of our gene pool from the system.

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