Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

My rational decision maker has figured out what not to bet my hard work on. Since 99% of everything is crap(sturgeon’s law), almost everything is not worth working hard on.

It is easy to tell if an endeavor would fail as soon as you start doing it. But I just attempt them anyway (with procrastination) in the hopes that it will help me built a relationship with the teammates I fail with. I don’t. Failure results in teammates hating each other and looking for scapegoats, and my personality (and procrastination) is ideal for scapegoating.

So I kept getting scapegoated and I moved on until I realized I am more productive if I attempt the simplest possible endeavor which requires the least amount of teamwork (so as to avoid scapegoating and also cost of failure). But by then I had also realized there are more idiots willing to part with their money by investing in sure-fail ideas. So I work for such idiots and their small teams and try to avoid being scapegoated which procrastinating. I think this is the optimal solution.

I do not need an instant gratification monkey. But since life is what happens when you are making other plans, some amount of instant gratification is necessary to enjoy this short life.


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