I sense benevolence limited by neccessity

There are fewer parts that make up a single mind, than all the parts that make up the entire universe with at least a few billion minds in them.

Yet we do not find ourselves to be a mind without the company of the universe and the proximity of other minds within it. We have company. It brings us suffering sometimes, but most of the time the company of other minds and the universe is beneficial. It helps us collude our lesser abilities to make something better than us.

Due to all these truths, I sense a certain benevolence behind everything. But this benevolence is not unlimited or omnipotent. I sense that it is limited, and all it did was the best it could so that we could be without much suffering.

Or perhaps, this is the only solution to the problem of being and awareness of being. This is perhaps the only way everything can be. And occasionally everything comes together to be this way.


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