Women and travel

Most modern women like to travel. They like to meet men who like to travel. I’ve noticed most women like to travel in an elite luxurious way, by flying in a chariot in the sky/sea, staying in a Potemkin village and eating “authentic” gourmet meals which the locals do not eat. There are women who like to traverse the seas in a sailboat or visit a tropical forest or a desert, but they are the exception.

Finding a man who loves to travel is just a subtle way of saying they want a man who is upper middle class (or higher) with a good job, good health, and good education. Generally, poor people, sick people, people who work jobs where they can’t get time off, etc. can’t travel.

Travelling as a woman in modern times is a great way to escape the responsibilities of living like having a job and being productive. It is all about consumption and intake. It increases status, for showing off and telling her friends. It also is great for social media, which women use to keep score on status.


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