My current political philosophy: SAFT

My current political philosophy is called Stay Away From Trouble (SAFT).

Society is hard to change, so the best I can do is to run away from it a decade before it decides to crucify me.

My aunt’s dad left Yemen when the Independence war was starting in the 1950s. Now the place is getting droned like rain drops during the monsoon.

Currently, the world is unfolding in interesting ways. In Sweden, all you need to be a 12-year-old is to be a refugee and claim you are a 12-year-old. The attitude of “you are whatever you say you are” is alive and well.The liberals/libertarians aren’t making babies or having stable families to raise children in. Newer people are born more often to traditionalists. So the progressives are on a mission to depopulate the conservatives by hook or crook or planned parenthood. They’ve succeeded in getting the Pope to endorse condoms against the Zika virus in Catholic Brazil based on a pandemic that is either exaggerated or non-existent.

Their hope is that soon, enough education will delay employment long enough to reduce the ROI of children, (and delay marriages which will increase promiscuity) which in turn will reduce the number of children, which in turn will free women and make some of them financially independent enough to make marriages not be based on economic necessity, and thus increase the number of divorces to levels seen in a progressive society. The lack of children will also necessitate more immigration justified using multiculturalism.

But much like how communists tried to accelerate progress by forcibly moving masses away from and towards urban life, forced social changes are a bad idea. Especially one that is fueled by a flexible money supply, the demand for which needs to be constantly propped up using wars, bailouts and negative interest rates.

So here are my action plans:

  1. Stay away from excessively progressive nations which import people a lot. They will be first to be outbred by the incoming traditionalists who will put a stop to progress.
  2. Stay away from places without a plan to fight falling birth rates without affecting their culture.
  3. Move towards well-managed societies, which find a prosperous equilibrium in these changing times.

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