8,000 Years Ago, 17 Women Reproduced for Every One Man.

8,000 Years Ago, 17 Women Reproduced for Every One Man.

Most women shared a few men, and the rest of the men just died without children. So male celibacy became a structured part of human society. You can find religions espousing the virtues of celibacy for men by becoming priests and monks. Nuns are fewer in number.

Another consequence of the low Y-chromosomal diversity in our species is the oldest profession in our species: prostitution. The market for men who pay for sex has always been high because of men who had been deprived of sex.

It is also easy to mobilize men into war if there is a promise of women from foreign lands. It was also easy to mobilize men to support political and social institutions which enforced monogamy because that brought with it the hope of getting laid.

In modernity, thanks to industrialization, skilled labor became necessary, which made 20-year long training of children necessary through education. Education delays employment, which delays the return-on-investment in children, which leads to people having fewer children, and that frees up women to become financially independent, which leads to marriages not being based on economic necessity but on sentiment and that leads to more divorces initiated by women and alternate sexual lifestyles like polyamory. Delayed employment of children also delays marriage which leads to pre-marital promiscuity. Fewer children also create labor shortages which need to be solved using immigration which is justified using multiculturalism.

So essentially all of human social behaviors and institutions stem from human sexuality and reproductive patterns. No wonder the ancient traditions are so anal about regulating human sexuality.


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