Peak Human Decency

I just realized that I am expecting from others, and delivering to others a higher standard of decency/innocence than what they can afford. So I need to correct for this by reducing my decency and expecting less of it from others.

This way I can be less of a whiner and more of a man. Unfortunately, my habit of decency/innocence is too automatic to change. It costs me a lot of emotional anguish to adjust it.

Tit for tat is the most efficient way to play many iterative games like the ones we see in life. But the key is that the Tit must come immediately after the Tat. People do not have enough memory to understand that an N sized Tit is for N Tats. Unfortunately, an adequately sized Tit is never available immediately after a Tat, and a lot of creativity is needed to choose one.


2 thoughts on “Peak Human Decency

  1. Do you mean to say most people have LR(1) tit-for-tat parsers ?

    Anyways, reading this post confirms that you are an ideal computer-scientist 🙂

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