One way to prevent SJWs from joining your FOSS project

Social Justice Warriors are a nuisance to open source projects. They demand the entire software be rewritten so as to not offend them. And you can never please them even if you rewrite everything like they demand. I won’t go into the examples.

Until recently programming used to be considered a low-status job like being a plumber and nerd at the same time. But now programming has become cool in some circles, as has nerdiness and geekiness.

As a rule, SJWs avoid low-status jobs. This is why they are not complaining about the lack of female plumbers.

Hence, the best way to avoid SJWs from your project is to make the project uncool, and even esoteric. e.g. No one is going to complain untyped lambda calculus as sexist anytime soon, even if a combinator is called a penis. This is because untyped lambda calculus hasn’t found its way into T.V. shows and is not considered a high-status endeavour.

This is why our ancestors kept certain lines of work uncool because that way they could select for people genuinely interested in the low-status job, and not in it because it is cool now.

People who are in it for the cool, are the ones who want political correctness because political correctness was always cool regardless of what society was in operation.

Of course, if making something uncool does not help, we can always resort to secrecy and secret societies.


2 thoughts on “One way to prevent SJWs from joining your FOSS project

  1. another way is to have a folder in the github called “dead nigger storage” and don’t explain it if anyone asks about it.

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