Here is why Planned Parenthood is important to the progressives

Planned Parenthood is one of the most influential NGOs around the world.

Attempts to tarnish them rarely succeed. For example, the videos released recently showing them to engaged in fetus trade was censored on most websites. The videos have been claimed to be a forgery by most mainstream media. Mass media only shows edits and commentary about the videos, without the videos themselves.

Contrast this with heavily edited beheading videos released by SITE Intelligence Group claiming to be from ISIS. They are never claimed to be a forgery even though they look more CGI than Planned Parenthood videos.

An obscure story about Cecil The Lion was given a lot of media time to prevent any blame on Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards. Hiding Cecile using brouhaha about Cecil was well-crafted misdirection at work.

Why is there so much protection for Planned Parenthood?

Here is why: The entirety of progressive society is founded on the idea of declining birth rates.


As you can see from the flowcharts, without falling birth rates, made easier by Planned Parenthood service, progressivism will be weakened.

Now PP is suing the people who release the video about fetus trade. I am sure they will win. It is impossible to fight PP without destroying progressivism in another way.



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