Louder irrelevant news hides relevant news

Louder irrelevant news

Hidden relevant news

Google Trends Comparison

Cecil The Lion Cecile Richards  2015-09-24 17_42_08-Google Trends - Web Search interest_ cecil the lion, Cecile Richards - Worldwide
Katy Perry’s Prism NSA PRISM  2015-09-24 17_49_14-Google Trends - Web Search interest_ PRISM, Prism - Worldwide, Jul-Dec 2013
Trayvon Martin Edward Snowden  Selection_005
Ashley Madison leaks The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) leaks  2015-09-24 17_55_24-Google Trends - Web Search interest_ Ashley Madison, United States Office of Per
Lord Ashcroft alleges that David Cameron fucked a pig as an initiation stunt David Cameron knew about Lord Ashcroft’s Tax evasion for the 6 years he’s been PM  2015-09-24 19_59_26
US Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage TPP Fast Track  2015-09-24 23_38_04-TPPGayMarriage

Legalized gay marriage happen 2 days after Legalized TPP and the gay news silenced the TPP news.

Deleted forum posts about MH17 Tweet predicting MH17 crash one month before the crash Not enough searchs to prove this happened.

The readers of irrelevant news items will feel like they’ve already heard the relevant news item after they read the irrelevant news item. So they will brush off the relevant news item saying they’ve already heard it. This is a common theme I’ve noticed.


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