Objective Morality Would Be A Nash Equilibrium

A general theme among various flavors of moral codes, is the assumption that other people ought to give up certain tempting courses of action in order to be moral (e.g. aggression). It is always about how other people should behave because nobody actually behaves the moral way. Everybody is a hypocrite.

Therefore people act in a way which is almost always moral, but immoral at certain convenient times. Most immorality is also done with good intentions, and excuses.

Thus we come to the actual nature of morality which goes unstated in all moral precepts, and that is: “We are only kidding. Don’t take this too seriously unless you are stupid enough to believe”.

Since all morality is just people trying to fool others into becoming predictable and meek, actual morality is something that everyone has no choice but to follow, without screwing up what people care about in general.


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