Use encryption on Reddit (or any other forum)

1. Download Mailvelop Plugin for Chrome

2. Go to Options

3. Click Generate Key

4. Use the options to generate a 4096-bit RSA key (which the NSA can’t break).

5. Click Display Keys

6. Click your key

7. Click Export

8. Click Public

9. Copy your public key from here to share it with your friends on Reddit/Facebook. They will need it to encrypt messages only you can read.

10. Click on Options

11. Make sure primary key is selected to be the key you generated above, and that the checkbox is checked.

12. Go to List of Mail Providers

13. Click Add New Site

14. Add Reddit, Pastie to the list of sites

15. Go to /r/gpgpractice

16. Click submit your Public Key

17. Make sure to format your key as a source code so that Reddit doesn’t mess with the formatting.

18. When others post their public key, you can try importing it by clicking on the key icon. If that fails you will have to copy their public key into Mailvelop manually.


19. Now the fun part. You can encrypt anything you type using the encrypt button.

20. Add your and your recipient’s public keys into the list of keys

21. Reading your message: Click on the message encrypted for you, that will decrypt it. If it fails you will need to copy and paste the encrypted text into a pastie and add into Mailvelop (See step 14).

That’s it! You can use the same method for encrypted communication on 4Chan, 8Chan, or any other forum. You can even encrypt files into text using uuencode.


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