The big picture

MGTOW, “Yes means Rape“, Hypergamy of women etc. are perhaps, in the grand scheme of things, how human beings behave in a large population environment.

In some sense, we all realize there is too many of us, and that having more children faster than how we can figure out how to accommodate them into society/environment, may be a bad idea. And so perhaps, we all agree that only an elite few should have children, and that a large majority of us should just refrain from procreation (or even creating an environment for raising children i.e. marriage).

Because in a low population environment with high infant mortality at the risk of extinction, like our species once was in 72,000 years ago: we would allow a bit of female non-consent in sexual relations, like how it is with most animals.

We are far removed from that phase now. Most of the biomass of this planet is human. Perhaps it is time to swing back to low population environment because our technology allows it.


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