It’s a trap!

A lot of virtues and duties in life are traps.

Take marriage for instance. The media sells us love and commitment as a virtue from a very young age. Before modern media, there were fairy tales, and stories to preach to us the glorious lives of couples. In reality, living with someone for 50 years is a daunting task. Most people can’t even live half that (25 years) with their own parents. Little good can come from it. With enough progressive laws, divorce rates are easily close to 50% With enough debt, children will abandon their parents in their old age.

Take empathy for instance. We are taught, empathy is what makes us human. The truth is, such sermons are just a test to see who is stupid enough to believe. Those are who believe empathy is a virtue are fodder for those who count on it as a means to their own ends without ever reciprocating.

Almost everything that is widely preached is a test. A test to weed out the innocent.


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