Jesus sounds like Kurzweil and Slavoj Žižek rolled into one.

I read the oldest gospel, the gospel of Thomas – the same guy who came to Kerala in A.D. 52 to convert the Cochin Jews who had been in India since 8 B.C. But Thomas ended up converting a lot of Indians. The gospel of Thomas is older than the oldest canonical gospel – the gospel of Mark. The gospel of Thomas is newer than the Pauline epistles, so clearly Thomas had accepted Paul’s idea of preaching Christianity to the foreigners in far away lands. And that compelled Tom to leave the Jewish cult (i.e. Christianity) in Judea into India because India (like China) traded with Rome back then.

The gospel of Thomas has no story line, it looks like a bunch of notes students usually take down, when teachers speak in class. It is a lecture note. And I am pretty sure those who made the copies also added a few lines between the original lines, which make it stand out in awkwardness between the surrounding message.

Jesus is like Slavoj Žižek because Jesus is (tried to be) controversial and original, although both Žižek and Jesus screw it up badly most of the time. Jesus is like other post-modernists because they talk absurd and irrational things. But occasionally gets shit right. Both Žižek and Jesus are anti-authoritarian, cunning but well-meaning people.

Jesus is like Kurzweil because both of them believe in some Omega Point or Singularity or whatever. Both Jesus and Kurzweil talk a lot about transhumanism, and the order of things to come, and how the future is already here. I cannot count the number of times Jesus used the phrase “the Father’s imperial rule”. He struggles hard to describe this post-singularity post-scarcity post-human world. He goes on and on about how “the Father’s imperial rule” is like this or that. I think because Judean simpletons could not understand concepts like decentralization and virulence, Jesus goes into elaborate analogies to try to explain it, but screws it up many times.

His disciples are way more stupid, and are often concerned about petty local political issues like – “should people be circumcised”? Jesus says if god wanted people to be circumcised he would have made people to be born that way. It reminds me of petty issues like “should gays be allowed to marry” that people argue about endlessly.

Some of his disciples/listeners want Jesus to take a side on one petty political issue or another, sponsor a side in a dispute. But Jesus is way out of their league. He is trying hard to talk intellectual things to common people. I feel like smacking the disciples.

I am sure Apostle Peter (my baptismal namesake) is a misogynist, and Jesus puts Peter in his place. I think Peter was the biggest loser among the bunch of his disciples, and yet he gets to be a leader.

Apostle Thomas was smarter and progressive than the rest for sure. He didn’t want to color Jesus with his prejudices.


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