Planned extinction

Our species needs marriage because human children take 20 years to mature and learn everything our ancestors learned. That is the longest time to mature among all the species on this planet. Having two (or more) parents reduces the difficulty of raising children for 20 years.

Putting additional demands and risks on the marriage contracts can quickly make marriage a bad idea. And that is what is happening now. Women have unjustifiable legal and political power in a marriage in the western civilization, and they are often corrupted by such power to the detriment of men and children.

I personally think it is time we initiate the extinction of our own species.

Once we give birth to real AI, the future wouldn’t need people. People are just too costly a way to conduct sapience in this universe. Our values collide constantly due to our irrationality and cause too much unnecessary suffering. Battles of the sexes, races and religions. Much ado about nothing. Much ado about pussy.

As men we are ideally placed to end our species slowly and gracefully. Men dominate the fields of neuroscience, cognitive science, artificial intelligence and philosophy, which we need give birth to neo sapiens – a newer form of intelligence that is better.


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