Anglophile Agenda

In the conspiracy theory community, there are “globalists” who want a “new world order.”

After reading Carroll Quigley, and listening to Zbigniew Brzezinski I have come to the conclusion that the so-called “globalists” are actually merely “anglophiles”, and the “new world order” they wish to create is merely a political union of all the nations which accept the western culture as represented by the Britain and USA.

The original vision of the first anglophiles like Cecil Rhodes was indeed a worldwide empire, a singular political entity. Later under people like Lionel Curtis these imperialists gradually became disillusioned enough to accept a Commonwealth of Nations as an achievable substitute. Later even the Commonwealth became weak; after the peoples of India, Palestine, Egypt and Ireland failed to accept the Western culture. But the anglophiles did manage to include USA in their ranks.

Now with the help of USA and its NATO, the anglophiles wish to create an Atlantic Consensus, a union of the people of the west i.e. people who accept the western culture. They wish to use the western culture to spearhead democracy, human rights around the world, among all people.

They will stop at nothing in order to achieve this. They are driven by the ideas of Arnold J. Toynbee, “that fine historian who said any group, any race, any world that did not run to seize the future and shape it was doomed to dust away to the grave, in the past.”

Perhaps a global unification is in its agenda, but it won’t happen in the next 200 years.

I think the western civilization is a massive human achievement, and we should learn from this achievement and stop posturing about our failures so far.


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