I need feminism because

I want,

  1. To end systematic reproduction: Everyone in India replicates. Reproduction isn’t for everyone. Only the best people should have kids.
  2. To have more divorces in India:  I just hate the idea of family as we practice it today. They are cesspools of hypocrisy and pretense. There is so much dissatisfaction shoved under the rug so that no one sees it.
  3. To have unfair divorce settlements in India: Once divorces become extremely costly for men, men will reduce marrying.
  4. To end marital sex: Many people still use marriage as a means to have sex. Marriage should be just a contract to share resources for raising children, much like how a company is merely a contract between people to share resources for mutual benefit. Using marriage for sex is a bad idea, because women don’t hand out sex easily by nature, and men dislike have sex with the same person for 50 years. Most people can’t even bear their parents for 25 years, so how are we expected to be intimate with a stranger for twice that long?
  5. To encourage non-marital sex: More participants in the pre-marital sex scene is good to reduce prevalence of STDs. Extra-marital sex breaks down families which shouldn’t exist in the first place.

Feminism helps women exercise their inborn polyandry and breakdown marriages.

Sure there will be some pain, but we have it too easy in India. The excesses that are created by letting everyone marry, have sex and have babies is a bad idea. Men don’t better themselves. Husbands don’t better themselves.


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