Origanizational dishonesty

There is a proven way to execute dishonest actions without using self-deception.

As mentioned before in this blog, self-deception is one way in which dishonest people deceive others without appearing to be deceptive. A deceptive person who has deluded themselves, can never exhibit the tell tale signs of a deceiver. Whereas a person who has deceived himself.may be capable of pulling it off. The best cults teach people how to deceive themselves through various means before then can go forth and deceive others.

However there is another way to deceive others without self-deception. It is through the use of “obedience without understanding”. A pretext for “obedience without understanding” is created in organizations, because it is considered unacceptable to question the interests of the superiors.

Without the knowledge about the interests of the superiors, their minions act in ways which appear systematic and conspiratorial to the observer of the organization.


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