Corollaries to Primacy of Existence

  • Existence holds primacy over consciousness
  • That which is independent of your wishes and wants holds primacy over your wishes and wants.
  • If something is purely beyond your control, then your expectations/desires/theories of the said thing should merely be a game to you. You should stake your emotional well being, your health, your wealth only in proportion, to the degree of control/predictability you have over the said thing. And you shouldn’t be disappointed when it doesn’t go as predicted. It should be like a failed trade when what matters is your annual returns.
  • If someone is purely beyond your control, then your expectations about the said person, shouldn’t be taken seriously. You should trust people to do the right thing only in proportion to how predictable they were. But you shouldn’t be surprised when they act against your expectations.
  • Allegiance¬†towards necessary affirmations is the only thing that is called for. Contingent affirmations do not deserve any loyalty. People often do it the other way around. They are skeptical about necessary affirmations, but they are pathologically loyal to contingent affirmations.

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