Don’t hire women

Tinder’s VP of marketing is suing a male CMO for sending her angry text messages during their breakup from a romantic relationship. The CMO was suspended and will probably have to leave the company.

What bothers me is that the VP is also suing the CMO for sexual harassment, when in fact I see nothing sexual in the text messages. And I don’t think words can sexually harass anyone. Words and thoughts are protected by the right to free speech and expression. The idea of victimless crimes like offensive remarks against a woman, are just as absurd as blasphemy against a religious figure. We don’t punish people for blasphemy, so how can we turn around punish people for blasphemy against a woman?

I have learned from this and other stories, that hiring women is probably a bad idea. Sure one might get sued for it. But it is better to be sued for bad hiring practices than to be wrongfully accused of sexually harassing women.


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