How it feels to be a strong atheist for the last 7 years

It was like snapping out of the Matrix, although that wasn’t immediately apparent. The rituals and theology of Catholicism and the apologetic of all religions seem absurd, arrogant and even evil.

Religious people take too much trouble to pretend piety. Their excessive need to be validated by their peers is extremely obvious and disgusting.

When I was religious I was told that there is no such thing as an atheist, and that everyone believed in a god. Now that I am a strong atheist, who is certain that there is no god, I know that, not only are there strong atheists, there is no such thing as a true believer in god. Everyone is a closet atheist.

The clearest evidence that everyone is a closet atheist, is the degrees to which people go to seek validation from their peers about their standing with god. I know at least 2 cases of fake miracles among my friends. I know one catholic family that uses permanent contraception while pretending to be holier than most of us. I know Mother Teresa didn’t want cure her wards and not even alleviate their pain.

Of all their sins, the one I hate the most is hypocrisy.

But my hatred of religious hypocrisy is the least of my concerns. I do not care much about hypocrites as much as care about reality and our place in it.

It is a mysterious thing to be and to be aware of it. It won’t be so for ever. This arrangement is fickle, and soon, we shall cease to be aware of everything. Much like how it used to be when we were born. We shall even cease to be. Everything will cease to be.

While others day-dream about how they will praise their Dear Leader on their quintillionth birthday, I am here enjoying the now and preparing for the only brief time I will ever have. There is an amazing sense of happiness to it, because indestructibility is bad for happiness. Indestructibility makes us have no values, because an indestructible being like an eternal soul needs nothing.


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