My experiences with the rules

The history of my life, has been one long repetition of the phrase “the rules were just guidelines. didn’t you know? i thought you would have figured it out by now. the rules don’t really apply here! you can do anything you want!”.

It starts with an ideal to achieve, a law or a rule to stick by. Often created by someone with a sanctimonious face. And then later I am told: The rules don’t really apply! We were just kidding! I thought you would have figured it out by now!

I used to feel anger when I was told this, because it was injustice.

  • They knew I would stick by the rules, strive to be ideal, suffer for the sake of following the rules.
  • They knew I was sincere and loyal enough to punish myself with the guilt I do not deserve for breaking rules that did not exist.
  • They knew the rules would handicap me.
  • So they set it up to keep me in control.

I have stopped following rules set up by others since then (I think it happened in 2006 A.D.). The sight I saw since then was incredible. Countless hypocrites everywhere. All of them claiming to follow certain rules, and striving to achieve impossible ideals. Yet they deliberately and secretly break those rules they preach to everyone.

  • They just want to be seen as someone who follows rules, while they use that cover to break those same rules.
  • They want the competent to handicap themselves by following the rules while they enjoy greater liberties.

Here are some examples:

  1. Disobedience is bad?! We were just kidding. People disobey all the time. That is what made the world today.
  2. Dishonesty is bad?! We were just kidding. Most people have been lying since they could communicate. Even animals lie. And yet here we are. We just don’t want other people to be dishonest, so that they are more predictable.
  3. Drugs are bad?! We were just kidding. Some drugs are less addictive than tobacco and even have medical applications like anesthesia, euthanasia and pain management.
  4. Alcohol is bad?! We were just kidding. People have plenty of alcohol all the time around the world since 10000 B.C., and yet life expectancy has risen, 
  5. Contraception is bad?! We were just kidding.
  6. Coveting/envy is bad?! We were just kidding.
  7. Hard work and Ingenuity is good?! We were just kidding. Those who can control and manipulate people are the really good guys. The hard workers and the ingenious are just human resources to be exploited.
  8. You will be rewarded for doing this?! We were just kidding. You won’t be rewarded. We were just motivating you.

The common thread that runs through these instances is that the rules setters, the leaders, people who are “holier than thou” don’t, as a rule, believe in anything they preach.


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