Universe doesn’t grant us our wishes or enforce justice.

There are unlucky people among us. Those who are pushed into the wrong circumstance and born with the wrong type of mind and body, that drive them to do terrible things. That doesn’t imply we shouldn’t choose to empower ourselves as much as we can. Nor does it guarantee success when we try.

There are no fairy godmothers, or imaginary friends in the sky to enforce justice and fairness.

We are left to our own devices to rise up to be the best. There can be things which are impossible to us. And it is important to know when to stop trying and even wanting. There are can things which aren’t best for us. And it is important not to seek such things or even want them.

But we shouldn’t give up too fast, and fail to realize the best we can be.

Above all it is important to realize that no one can ever understand you completely. So never seeks sanctions and approvals because you are your best expert. Only you know the state of your mind.

The movies, the media and your acquaintances may set standards which are impossible for you. Or they may set standards that do not make you happy in achieving them. They shouldn’t be achieved. You need no sanction for being. You are the sanction.


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