How traditional women control men in traditional societies.

Traditional women also have ways to control men in traditional societies. The easiest is piety. In traditional societies people are expected to be pious. So if the man of the family isn’t pious enough the woman will become excessively pious, and the man will have to play along. If the woman says the creator of the universe doesn’t like condoms/abortion/porn/masturbation, and if the man doesn’t agree, the woman will go around telling everyone in her religion how the guy is a condom wearing fetus aborting sex addicted blasphemer, and the man will lose all the reputation in society.

The worst of both worlds can happen to a man who marries a traditional woman and brings her to the modern world. She will quickly adapt as soon as she figures out that the government is on her side no matter what she does. She wouldn’t then use the god on her side to control her man. e.g. A very pious family from a third world country who lived near me recently had a divorce for no reason. The woman figured out the government is on her side. She even made false allegations that her husband kidnapped their children so as to make a case against her man.

Either way there have always been ways for women to manipulate men. Women do it it this way because they can’t “violence” their way out into getting what they want. They need powerful agencies on their side e.g. a pious society, or a progressive government. We men just need to adapt. Use our ingenuity to fight games.


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