Achieving lifelong relationships in progressive societies.

Progressive governments are sympathetic towards the minorities. Women are the largest minority. And so governments grant more rights to women, more pay for women and harsher laws against men so as to get votes from the largest minority.

As a consequence, women have the incentive to move from one good relationship to a better one without penalty, creating distrust between the genders, and short term relationships without commitment between the genders. (e.g. Most divorces in progressive societies are initiated by women).

Since human beings have a longer childhood than other species, and since during that time human children aren’t productive, predictably long term relationships between adults are conducive for creating better childhood experiences.

Men need to merely have a new collaborative strategy to create long term relationships. If we agree to never marry Divorcées and older single women (> 28 years old), then a vast majority of women will be compelled to choose one man for life early in life.

Men also need to stop giving more relevance to management jobs – human resource management, project management, competency management, middle management, creative director etc. And give more importance to jobs that are closer to the core activity of the organization. e.g. designer, programmer, engineer, scientist, doctor, lawyer, construction worker, trader, farmer, law enforcement, military etc.

Men need to create organizations which have a very small management, and no middle management. Men need to create small teams, so that there are no free riders. Men need to punish people who do not contribute in a team, and never carry free riders around.

If we men do the above, I promise there will be less waste, and I predict women will have no choice but to choose a single life partner at an early age.

We can still have all the progressive ideals, like more rights for women, more pay for women, harsher laws against men. Yet the simple collaborative strategy described above will ensure equality.


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